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P … Playhouse

EEEE! I am so excited for this post because it is something that I have been kicking around in my head for a while now.

I love to dream about what it will look like, what materials I will use, how I will landscape around it …

As Mr Man so eloquently said …

When it comes to being creative, your “instructions” are the only ones that really matter.

That being said … let me show you a few photos of playhouses that I found that I think are cute.

Playhouse 8

Playhouse 1

Playhouse 7

Playhouse 2

Playhouse 8

Playhouse 3

Playhouse 6

Playhouse 4

Playhouse 5This last one is my favorite because of the fireplace 🙂

What I love about these playhouses …

1. Porch

2. Small front door but large adult door

3. Fake fireplace that makes it look so homey!

4. A loft to sleep in

5. Dormers


6. One dormer or window on top

The size will be dictated by my city code. I will begin sketching my idea soon. When Spring gets here … I will be ready to build!

I have other photos of playhouses on my Pinterest Playhouse board if you would like more ideas.

{Click here}

Any other ideas for a playhouse? Leave a comment and tell me!




2012 – A Look Back


Today, I am taking the time to look back, before I plan for the New Year. (2013) It is a good time to reflect on how I used my time and goal setting for the coming year.

This past …



Not just a Housewife

I entered a contest. Stacy from Not Just a Housewife hosted it and I was blessed to WIN with my Playhouse (that I built under my stairs). You can find that story {here} The playhouse was the reason that I started blogging in the first place. After looking for some ideas online and not finding what I wanted, I set out on my own to make what I had envisioned. A whole new world opened up for me in this land of blogging … I have made new blog friends and I have been able to share what I am working on. Just maybe it will inspire someone!

This was the winner … (thank you Stacy!)

Playhouse under the Stairs

A quick peek inside …

Playhouse under the Stairs

That month also found me redoing Mr Dog’s Space. His kennel was by the door, but was not very pretty to the eye. You can find the whole story {here}


I also started making a Murphy Bed. Wow, January was a busy month for me! I must have started the New Year at a full run 🙂 You can read about it {here}

It was started in Jan but it took me until April to have it fully finished. I got side tracked by doing other things … that’s just my way!

Murphy Bed



February found me with a slight interruption while I moved myself out of our shared office and built Mr Man a shelf in, what is now … his office.

(I have yet to make myself a permanent office space …  Do I hear a 2013 goal? 🙂 )


I also took some time to be thankful for my Father, and am so glad that I did, as he passed away September 25th. I miss him! (More on that later.)


Back in the day … this is My father and I building fence on our property. We used to have contests to see how many hits it took to drive in a nail. My best was 3. That’s right … started swinging a hammer helping my dad.


Mr Man and I spent 2 weekends at the “Home and Patio Show” and “The Lake Home & Cabin Show. Good Stuff there to dream about!



Mr Man and I went to one more show … “The Home and Garden Show” where I met Mr Chip Wade. I was in heaven! And of course, gathered more ideas!




I did something new in April. I joined a blog challenge. I blogged every day for 30 days and am proud that I finished. I am planning to do it again in 2013.

(Another 2013 Goal)


I finished the Murphy Bed that I started in Jan! Yay Me!!!

No big projects this month … but we did make a trip to “The House On the Rock” in Wisconsin.



May found the guest room completed. Not only did I make the Murphy Bed but I also painted and hung blinds. Nice change in that room!



I entered a “Mission Impossible” Challenge that you can view {here} A bit of work happened in our front yard 🙂




June was a busy outside month for me …

1. There was a mailbox that got a facelift and new planter {here}

2. Painting the house trim and sprucing up the garage door {here}

3. Including a new color for the front door {here}


4. I put window film on my dining room windows to keep out the sun damage on my wood floor {here}

AND … one of my most controversial posts

5. Staining my front walkway {here}




The month of working on my mudroom …

It started like this {here}


you can read about the new tile floor, washer and dryer, but the complete after will be revealed in Jan!

One of the small things I made was a HUGE hit. Go figure 🙂

It was an almost no cost to make … A laundry tip jar for the change that finds it way into the washer or dryer.




August was about all the small things. I didn’t have any big projects that I was working on, although I still have a mudroom that could be be finished!

We took our vacation and went to Door County, Wisconsin. You can read about that {here}

It was also when my dad had his stroke and I flew out to California to be with him.



September was silent on my blog. I hope that I didn’t lose to many followers but my time and attention was with my parents. Dad passed away on the 25th. I was honored to be with him when it happened but I have to say … it was one of the most difficult things I have been through. I am so thankful that he is at home with God and pain free!



 My first post back was about … yup, my dad {here}

Then I worked a bit on my laundry room, and then yay … I was back in the game again with …

Recovering my piano bench {here}

Before and After 🙂Piano Bench

 And, then there were all the chores to get ready for winter here in Minnesota. I didn’t take any pictures as I was work, work, working! 🙂



Whew, I am tired already!

November saw me moving my blog from Blogger to #Wordpress! That was a goal of mine from last year and I did it!!!

Mr Man and I took some time away for our Anniversary and went to “The Split Rock Lighthouse” {here}


It was time to decorate for Christmas … and out came a wreath that needed decorating {here}




December brought with it the idea for Miss Precious to have a Reading nook. Geesh, last year I made her a playhouse. How do you top that?!

I started by gutting a closet {here}  You can continue to read through the posts from there 🙂


My goal was to finish by Christmas and ….

(Woo Hoo) I made it. The reveal will be in January 1st and I will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate!!!

Hugs and enjoy the last day of 2012!



Newbie with a twist party

A HUGE Thank you to Stacy@Notjustahousewife!

On January 16th, 2012 I learned that I had won a contest held by Stacy @Not Just A Housewife!

(You can read about that {here} on Stacy’s website)

WHY am I talking about it now???
Good question! I started this blog to share with anyone who wanted to join along (mostly family at that time) and share in the process. You can see my original post {here} of when I finished it and of course if you are interested in seeing more of the process you can use the keyword “Playhouse” and find the rest. 
This was the Under the Stairs Playhouse …


I was making this playhouse under the stairs for my grand daughter for Christmas. (and my other grand babies when they come to visit.

I appreciate all that the contest, that Stacy held, did for me! I had some amazing gifts coming to my door and it was fun to see what had arrived in the mail.  This was the first to arrive …

YUM! Thank you Utah Truffles for the chocolate goodness and the extra pounds I now need to exercise away 🙂

Black & Decker sent this great All in One Laser Level. It clings to the wall, freeing up your hands to do the work you need to do. What a help for this girl who works alone!

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Company’s coming!

What do you do when company is coming? If you are a DIY girl, it means that you gather all your tools in one place and make it look like you only work from this one space. LOL Oh, if they only knew! (Well, now they do if they are reading this) 
It is spring and a great time to clean. Company is a coming … Have to clean the carpet where Paxton (our pup) hangs out. In a room that has been dubbed the “White Room” no matter what home we have lived in.
Seriously, this pup gets my white carpet dirty!!!

My “Hoover”. (This carpet cleaner has a rinse cycle too!) But, did you see the dirt that came off my white room carpet? Cover your eyes if you don’t want to see gross water! LOL

What makes this amazing?! Here in Minnesota we take our shoes off at the door and this is still the amount of dirt that comes off the carpet. My white carpet!

Yup, company is coming … we need to clean the rugs in the mud room as well. Is this just a girl thing? that everything has to be spotless? as if they could tell the difference between a vacuumed rug and one that was washed!

It’s all good … having a party helps give me a reason to really CLEAN the house. You know, wipe down the cupboards, doors, clean the furnace ducts … ok, I didn’t do that yet 🙂

The end result of the “White Room”?

4 couples who had a really tough time getting the camera to take the picture!

2 questions were asked that night, after a tour of our home …

1. Does Miss Precious use her “Under the Stairs Playhouse”?

She is in it every time she comes to visit. And I am in there, with her 🙂
Special times that I hope she will remember as she grows up!

and … 2. Do you ever use the “Murphy Bed”?

Yes, I do. This is a picture, in the morning, after one of our sleep overs. She gets the big bed until she gets older … These are memories in the making!

Yes, company came and we hope they will be back again soon!

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“U” is for Unfinished … Ugh, I hate this post!

U … is for Unfinished.

I am hating this post even before I write it, as I am about to share one of those secrets that most of us don’t tell others. I mean why would we? For the most part … we are our own worst critic and we see things that others don’t notice. But, WE know, don’t we?! 
I notice …
Unfinished laundry.
Unfinished projects.
Unfinished work at the office.
Unfinished plan to lose weight.
Need I say more? We all have those little unfinished things in life … that unless we say something to someone else, they really don’t know. So, knowing that this was going to be something that I would write about 🙂 I worked on finishing something that has been bothering me for some time! 
I caulked the inside of my “Under the Stairs Playhouse” 

See, something that you didn’t even know that wasn’t done, until I told you. Something that doesn’t show up in pictures. BUT … something that has been nagging at me since December 25, 2011!!!! Will Miss Precious know it was done? No. 
There it is … yup, my confession. But it feels so good to have that off my plate, not to feel guilty about that, ever again!!! 
360 more things to go before I am guilt free 🙂 Kidding. But you get what I am talking about, don’t you?!

I am being featured on “Remodelaholic” today!

Good Morning from California!

It is 2:30 AM back home in Minnesota but I almost forgot to post about something important that will be happening today! We traveled all day to get here and believe it or not, the one who traveled best out of all 5 of us, was Miss Precious. She is sleeping soundly next to me as I write this and I can hear the sweet sounds of breathing that only little ones make. The reason that I am even getting a nod from Justin and Cassity at “Remodelaholic” is due to this precious one that is my Grand daughter. My labor of love, to make an indoor playhouse for her to enjoy, is being featured today.

Spring is here and it is an excuse to decorate her house 🙂 You can see all kinds of new pics at “Remodelaholic” I am so into posting pics but I happen to be away from the computer that have them so you will have to hop on over to Cassity’s blog and check them out!

***A handy hint about changing my flowers in the flower box … I have a piece of styrofoam in the box and just poke the flowers into it. Very easy to trade out as the seasons come and go 🙂

To read the whole story …

A huge thank you for those of you who have followed along with me on my Journey. 
Hugs from Cali!

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Featured Guest of Sawdust and Paper Scraps

I am being featured today over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps. How funny to think that in sharing my personal love of being a DIY girl, it would end up being something shared on the Internet with all of you!
Sawdust and Paper Scraps

Let me tell you about this most Amazing woman that I met while doing this …

When I was looking to build a playhouse, I searched Pinterest and fortunately for me, someone had pinned her playhouse. It was more of a closet area in the beginning that she was able to transform … it wouldn’t work for my space. However, I went to her website and I was hooked! She has so many amazing projects (did you see her latest Executive Master Closet?) and I instantly connected with her. I kept returning to her website (cyber stalking? LOL, is there such a thing?) and in doing so … found out about the term “Following” someone. What a compliment for anyone! Someone likes what you have to share so much, they would subscribe to follow you, just to hear what you have to share next! WOW! For most of my life I have kept the DIY thing under my hat as it was considered a ‘GUY’ thing. I cannot tell you how many times I have started talking about a project (with enthusiasm … you know what I mean!) and the looks I used to still get made me think something was wrong with me. I love to bake, sew, read, travel, create, and BUILD! We are really at a time in history when women can do things without the stereotype! But how fun for me to have found a whole community of women who love the same things. Hugs people! 🙂

I digress, LOL, I love Sandra and her work but also her character. She reached out and helped without asking anything in return. Rare right?! She has inspired me to work on my closet (scheduled sometime this year) and to reach out and share my story with others. She has  given advice and help, and even though we have not met in person … I consider her a friend. I invite you to visit her at Sawdust and Paper Scraps and enjoy what she is sharing with us.

You are all amazing women and I am honored to be among you in this community of ‘DIY’ers. I look forward to not only sharing with you but you sharing with me as well.

Have a great day! I am off to spend time with Miss Precious and bring her here for a “Sleep Over” and of course let her have fun in The Under The Stairs Playhouse.


Under the Stairs Playhouse … Inside!

Just when you think you are finished with seeing this Under the Stair Playhouse … I am showing inside pictures!!! A bit of history of this fun project first. I was going to make an outdoor playhouse this past summer but because of time constraints and a fence that needed to be made first, I was not able to get started. Long story short … we had to alter our plans due to easements on our property that were not disclosed at time of sale. I really wanted something for Miss Precious to play in (you know how little ones love a place to have to themselves … kind of like adults, right?!) Because I didn’t want anything out in the way like a tent downstairs I decided to look into something that could be built under the stairs. Of course I wanted to see what other people had done so I might glean some ideas. Pinterest is where I started looking and that is where I found Sawdust and Paperscraps Playhouse. I loved the shake roof and the way it was 3 dementional but I didn’t have that shape of space. I did save it to my DIY folder in case I wanted to go back and check it out again. I found another one on Pinterest that I and thousands of others seem to like as well and it was more like my staircase. You know the rest of the story from this post … Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

So today I went downstairs and took some pics of the Under the Stairs playhouse “Inside” because so many of you were curious to see it.

I took this first pic right before I went in. It is not decorated for Christmas any longer but I have kept the winter theme with the snow shoes, pine boughs, and the cardinal sitting on the covered porch 🙂

Come join me inside ….

Because I didn’t want little ones getting stuck under the landing area, I built a built in bookcase to house baskets of toy food, coloring books, toys, and puzzles. I can still get under the stairs if I need too by unscrewing 2 screws on each side. By tucking it under the stair landing I am able to have more space inside that is usable. Gotta’ love that!

The little table I bought from Ikea for only $20.00. I love the light wood and white and what a deal to save me time! The outside of the Playhouse, I wanted rugged and cabin like, but the inside? I wanted it to be the exact opposite. Delicate and girly. Hence the whites and pinks.

The other side of the playhouse houses her kitchen and baby “Harlow”.

My amazing daughter had a cabbage patch kid when she was younger, so I thought it would be fun to pass on that tradition to Miss Precious. If the truth be told, I think I might have bought it for me because as a child I always loved dolls. Fortunately, Miss Precious does too. I think it skipped a generation. Hee Hee.

Mr Man found this for her when I asked him to look around for a frame. Yup, thats right! We are VIKING fans. (We know we suck this year … just hoping we get a good draft pick!)

A clock to help her learn to tell time 🙂

I haven ‘t figured out the window treatment out yet so in the in-between time … I am using Tulle from her mommy’s wedding. Obviously I am still finishing up a couple things like caulking, curtains ….

Looking out her window into our family room.
The two black dots on the top door is the door knocker on the other side. Black hinges, two on each door.
Glass door knob and of course the option for both doors opening at the same time or one at a time.
I really love the Berber carpeting. It has a pad attached to it. I bought it at Menards for a really good price!

Because of the girly factor … I told Miss Precious that I blew Pixie Dust on her ceiling. When the paint was wet, I blew glitter on it. It sparkles and gives it texture.

Last, but not least, I leave you with one more outside shot as I finish this and get some sleep! Can you see Mr. Dog asleep on the stair waiting for me? So adorable he is!!!

I hope you en’joy‘ed taking this journey back with me. Hugs and have a great weekend!


Linking to …

Fox Hollow Cottage

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DIY Contest/Under the Stairs Playhouse

I am so excited!!!! I entered a DIY Contest and just found out I won. I am so excited to win the products that will help me with doing more projects!

“Not Just a Housewife” posted the info on her website today.

You can see all the fun products that I will be using soon. A huge thank you to the companies who contributed to my future fun and  A big thank you as well to all of you who voted and visited me on my website. So so many deserving women for sure.

I have to run and get to Home Depot for some supplies but will post my latest project later!


Under the Stairs Playhouse … The Movie

Ok …. before you click to watch the movie … you have to hear my disclaimer. This was taken Christmas morning upon just waking up. Who really looks good with no makeup? (Don’t answer that!) But it is just so cute to see the reaction of Miss Precious. She was with us for the weekend and she spent so much time in it. Good thing I made it big enough for us to be in there with her 🙂 If you are just joining me and don’t know what I am talking about … you can find the beginning here, “Who says Santa doesn’t have Helpers?”

I hope you enjoy what Mr. Man put together for us!