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Mudroom update …

I have been working on the mudroom this weekend and will be sharing my work tomorrow …

Are you ready??!

I sure am!

A sneak peek of what I have been working on.


Join me tomorrow when I reveal the nook I created in the mudroom.



Does your pantry look like this?!

I was writing my grocery shopping list (Thanksgiving IS this Thursday) and thought I would see what I had on hand. I walked over to my pantry and when I opened the door … this is the sight that I was greeted with! Who ransacked my pantry? Please say that yours sometimes looks like mine!

If you have a weak stomach, you may want to look away 🙂 (I left the picture large so you could experience the messiness to it’s fullness)


I brought out the trash can, sponge, kitchen cleaner, and started to purge. I hate to even admit this but … I had something from 2007 in there. All expired food ended up in the trash and then each shelf was emptied  and cleaned before it was restocked.


I filled a tall kitchen trash can. Seriously, I am embarrassed. Isn’t it crazy how things can just get pushed in the back and if it isn’t organized … you don’t see everything in there!


Case in point? I have found three jars of peanut butter!!! (2nd shelf down … 2 jars of Jif and 1 of Skippy. I am a Jif girl. Mr Man must be a Skippy guy.)


An hour, a Christmas movie …


and a trash can is all it took to go from this … to this!


Now I have to run and get that Thanksgiving shopping done!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family and friends you will be with!