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I … Instructions

They say there’s no “I” in Team, but without a Team there would be no “I”.

Bj is under the weather so I get to “guest host” for just one day.

(She will be back for “J”)



I … Instructions:


Some people, when using a new product or tool for the first time, will do this one thing first. They actually read the instructions. People like Bj.  Then there are people like me. People who occasionally make the mistake of throwing the instructions out with the packaging before they realize they need them.


Bj will also keep receipts, manuals, and warranties on products that were purchased 20+ years ago. I know this because when I go through that rather large box it includes “instructions” on items we haven’t had for years, and more than likely on items that are no longer made. “Instructions first” is probably a good policy, but I must admit old habits are hard to break, so it’s a good thing I’m married to Bj.


She is also the “creative” one, and when she’s involved in that process she doesn’t always have instructions. She in fact, writes them down as she goes. On the floor, on the wall, on a 2×4 stud, on a napkin, on her hand, on her computer, or anywhere else that seems convenient. That’s part of the beauty of DIY projects. You get to do it the way you think it should be done. No (one else’s) instructions necessary.


So one of the lessons I’ve learned being married to Bj that last 7+ years, is that if in the beginning, you follow the instructions and learn how to use the tools of your trade, when it comes to being creative, your “instructions” are the only ones that really matter.


It’s just too bad I didn’t come with any.


Mr Man