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How well do you know your Mother?

Do you look at your Mother from your “childhood eyes”? or have you been blessed to see your Mother in a whole new way through your adult understanding?

Here, is my Mother.

A strong Czechoslovakian woman who is as complex as she is simple.


I just had the privilege of being out in California with my Mother again, to take care of her medical needs and to help with decisions for her life going forward. It was a week of errands, Dr visits, and a long “To Do List”! More important for me … I came to see her with new eyes. The eyes of someone who took the time to  see her as a woman instead of a Mom. As the week unfolded, I asked her many questions about her … before she became “Just My Mother”.


When I was out in Cali the last time for my Father’s funeral, I took pictures of my Mother’s decorating style (or lack thereof) with the intent of sharing how different her and I are. I could not think of a way to share the pictures without seemingly putting her down. So, I didn’t share them. I now understand the reasons behind her style.

One, she had no interest in decorating at all. None. Ziltch. Nada.

Personally, I find that incredible, as it is as natural to me as breathing. I cannot look at anything without thinking of ways to enhance it.

It is in my nature but not in hers.





Two, we were poor.

Dad, made it to the 9th grade before he dropped out of school to help on his parent’s farm. What he lacked in education, he made up for in HARD WORK, providing the basics for a family with 4 children. They were also raised through the depression where you saved EVERYTHING!

 She still has the table I grew up with …




 (These are a second set of chairs.)

Almost everything she has … she has had since I was a child.

There is nothing like living with your parents, as an adult, for an extended length of time, to see things in a different light. What I saw as being dirt poor, was really saving for their future. They were able to tuck away a nest egg for Mom to live on comfortably in her later years. I am so proud of them for the way in which they took on responsibility and gave up so much so that they could plan for the future.

I am blessed. I know it, and am thankful daily. My parents taught me responsibility and ownership of my life.

The Lessons I learned?

1. I don’t want to pay someone what I can do myself.

2. I can create while finding great deals.

3. If I take care of things … they will last longer.

and 4. Don’t forget to plan for your future!

Thank you Mom for your life lessons!


 4 Generations of women … My mother’s lineage.



Share with me about your Mother and what you learned about her as an adult.