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A bird in the hand …

Isn’t there a saying that says …

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

What do you get for a bird in the bird feeder?


I looked outside and thought, “Is that bird inside the feeder? No, it must be on the other side.”

And promptly went about my business.

Later, looked outside again and it looked like a bird was inside the feeder.

Is it inside or just look that way? I decided to take a closer look …


Mr Bird, are you inside or outside?


Oh my gosh!

Mr Bird is INSIDE!

I am not even going to ask how or when he got in … I have to get him out!


But first …

“Can I take one more picture of you INSIDE the feeder?”


No worries.

No birds were hurt in the process of letting it loose.

Thank goodness!

Quite a bit of cleaning happened after letting it loose.

You can imagine what a scared bird will leave behind! Yuck!

Hope this finds you having a great Wednesday,