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A garden gate in 5 EASY steps!


I am not sure when or where I learned to make gates but … they are so very easy!

This gate literally took me a half hour from start to finish … once I assembled my materials. 🙂

Step 1


Measure the width of your opening and subtract an inch.

Figure out how tall you want your gate to be. Subtract a foot.

* I wanted mine to be 4 feet tall to match the height of the fence so I subtracted a foot and made my frame 3 feet tall.

Assemble your materials …

2 X 4’s to make the frame

1 X 4’s for the gate slats

My work space is outside where I have plenty of room to move around!

Step 2


In order to make your frame SQUARE you need to make sure that your diagonal measurements are the same.

ie. 45 inches both ways (whatever your measurement is)

* If you don’t have your diagonal measurements the same … your gate will be lopsided and not fit in the opening.

Seriously, this is the step that takes the most time, as this is the MOST important.

Step 3


The diagonal board is a 2X4 but for this gate I did not have a left over 2X4.

I used 2 – 2X2’s.

(I was using left over wood that I had on hand … making this gate … FREE!)

I lay the diagonal wood under the frame to mark it with a pencil , but for teaching purposes, I took the photo this way to show you.


Step 4


My gate is going to be 4 feet high so I cut 1X4X8 boards in half.

Cut off 1 inch diagonal on each top corner (just to make it pretty) and use a piece of wood for a spacer between slats for easy measurement.

I like to place the slats a bit higher toward the top of the frame than the bottom.


Add your hinges and latch according to how you want your  gate to open.

(It helps to have another person to hold the gate while you attach the gate to the posts!)


That is all there is …

Easy Peasy!


You can find the rest of making the garden {HERE}

I am thinking I want to paint the gate a whimsical color but as of this post there has not been a dry day to paint.

If you have any questions … please comment or email me.






Weekend Yard Projects!

Weekends are the BEST… and even BETTER than BEST in the Summer 🙂 I am an outdoor lover. I would rather be outside any day of the week, and … I live in Minnesota. That is another story but I really love it here.

So weekends are spent doing all the outside things that I love and this weekend, besides installing the new doorbell button {seen here} that arrived in the mail … Yay, me!, we did fine tuning of bushes and landscape. Not earth shattering and maybe dull to some, but to me? It was a glorious day! It started out by running to the nursery to find some plants to go into a planter that I wanted to put on the mail boxes. A little something to pretty it up and I did have some left over Blue paint that I used on the Front Door.

I had painted the post and replaced our mailbox (on the far side in this picture) last summer.

I gathered everything together …

Mr Man attached the wire frame in the back to the main post to keep it from blowing off or from someone deciding they wanted it for their own. I painted the box my lovely leftover Blue color and when it was dry …

Ta Da …

I love these plants! You can see that the two on the outside have purple in the leaves, but what you may not be able to see, the two plants in the middle have leaves that are green on top and deep purple under neath. Truly gorgeous!

This poor mailbox post has been hit a few times by the snow plow and has some gouges that you can see if you look close 🙂

We trimmed the trees in the front so that we can see the front of the house a bit better, mow under them easier, and not have them hanging over the driveway.

Ugh, I need to paint the window trim still. It is Ranger Station Green 🙂

I bought a Willow Bush that will get to be 3 – 4 feet high. I planted him where I needed a little height and I love the movement it has when the breeze blows it. I promptly named him “Will”.

And … I had to replace a Mugo Pine that didn’t make it through last years winter. Here is one that did but still looks a bit rough! As long as he is fighting to survive … he stays!

And our new pine. I am really loving our front yard and the way it is all coming together. I asked our neighbor if we could plant around the bottom of the mailbox since they put it on his property and was given his blessing to beautify! Another project for another day 🙂

I hope you have a magnificent day!

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