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An easy to make kitchen display shelf

I wanted to share something that is fast and easy to put together for those of us that like to see instant results! My last post showed my new kitchen pendant light that I hung, but the area behind it was so bland that I knew I wanted to figure out something interesting to put behind it.

I went to the internet for ideas … I wish I could tell you where exactly I found this photo. Sadly, I just took a screenshot on my phone and cannot credit the rightful owner of this kitchen. My apologies.

Some things that spoke to me in this picture are the shelf, the old scale, and the burlap. So I went to Menards for the metal shelf brackets, bought burlap at Michaels to wrap over the curtain rod that I bought from Target, and when I was visiting a friend in Duluth I found a scale in an antique store. Sounds like more running around than it actually was as I had to go to these stores for other things and I love to find special finds to remind me of great friends and amazing trips.

(Just for the record … this was all before Covid-19)

Before …


After I installed the shelf brackets … I grabbed a 2 x 6 scrap board, and started adding things. I had a pig and the scale that had I bought in Duluth, MN, and I had the colander that I found at Target in the dollar section. I already had the iron wallhanging that I put behind it all. I liked the way it was looking but wanted to find a piece of barn wood to make it look rustic.


Fortunately for me, my boss and his wife had a piece that was just the right size! Thank you Jim and Deb. You both are the best!


There is a natural notch in the wood at just the right place, where the pendant cord hangs. I couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried. I will be redoing the kitchen cabinets and probably the molding around the window so for now I am leaving it the way it is. I hung the burlap but didn’t like the look. Much too rustic for what I had in mind. I am thinking about what I want to have as a window covering. I’m not in a hurry …

Gone is the yellow and in its place is the new interior color that I am painting. You get a sneak peak ☺︎


I hope this finds you all well and happy in your homes as we “Shelter in Place”. Hugs,


Installing new lights

I like to joke that I think the previous owners had to be bats as it was so dark inside the house! I like my home to be light but also have the option to dim if needed.

You already saw my old kitchen light here, but in case you forgot …

My daughter loves this light so it will be installed in her home above her kitchen sink at a later date. Covid-19 has us waiting for a lot of things these days.

I found a new kitchen light that I loved online but when it arrived I was surprised to find it was a pendant light. You know … the kind that plugs into the wall. I had to adapt it to be able to hardwire it to the ceiling and find the right mounting cover.

I am loving my new light! It matches my mason jar drinking glasses 😎

Before we were “Shelter in place”, I bought new clear glass sconce replacements and new light bulbs to go with the modern farmhouse that I had in mind. I had my lovely assistant, AKA my mother, hold them up for me so I could make her famous (hahaha) and show you the difference.

The bulbs and glass sconce made a huge difference. As Batty Koda from the movie Fern Gully said, “I can see! It’s a miracle!” Seriously tho, I saved a lot of money by not having to buy all new sconces. There were six in all that I replaced. I am loving the new look!

I found the perfect light to go over my stove, but , let me remind you what the old one looked like first …

I have a most amazing friend, thank you Deb, who stood on the counter while avoiding the stove to help me get this beauty up. It was a lot of work but let me tell you, every time I turn it on it makes me smile. I am in love with each of these changes.

I bought the same one for over my dining table that will hang just a bit lower. Spoiler alert: I ran into quite the problem …

Until next time, Stay well and safe,