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Split Rock Lighthouse

Is it me? or do lighthouses seem so romantic and regal? Each light house has it’s own story to tell. While Mr Man and I were up in Two Harbors this weekend, celebrating our anniversary, we went to the Split Rock lighthouse. Below is an article from the Star Tribune Newspaper explaining the event …


Split Rock Lighthouse to light beacon to mark anniversary of Edmund Fitzgerald sinking

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – The Split Rock Lighthouse will light its beacon Saturday to mark the anniversary of the sinking of the freighter Edmund Fitzgerald.

Every year, the landmark lighthouse along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior commemorates the Nov. 10, 1975, sinking of the Fitzgerald. All 29 men aboard died when the 729-foot ore freighter sank in stormy Lake Superior.

The ceremony begins at 4:30 p.m. with the reading of the names of those who died, the ringing of a ship’s bell and the lighting of the lighthouse beacon.

A film about the Fitzgerald will be shown in the Visitor Center theater throughout the afternoon.

This is the only time each year when visitors can climb to the top of the tower and see the beacon lit and revolving.


A photo of what it looked would look like on a gorgeous day…


Our photos taken on a not so gorgeous day…




It was cold, rainy, and very windy! I was holding an umbrella that turned inside out twice, before I gave up and just tucked it away.  We waited in line forever  a very long time it seemed like a long time, as only 20 people at a time could go inside to look around. This first picture is of the “Tool Room” where they spent most of their time working by the fireplace.




The staircase was short compared to other light houses that we have been in, but it was very pretty with the white tile and the heavy black iron staircase. As many times as they would have to go up and down (every two hours), I bet they were glad that it was so short. The reason? The 130 foot cliff that it sits on!




Once at the top, the windows were wet with the mist and you couldn’t see out, and the light just turned around and around. But! One fun fact! The light turns around on 7 1/2 gallons of Mercury. (It is in place of a ball bearing that would not be able to hold it up) That was worth the price of admission people!!!!




Made in Paris 🙂












Saying a short goodbye as I get to work on a Christmas surprise for Miss Precious. I also want to get that laundry room finished by Thanksgiving! AHHHH!



Getting my “Blog” on!

I made a New Year’s goal for this year …

1. Move Blog over to Word Press!

Check check! Of course I think that I may be driving a few of you nuts with my constant header changes! I am truly sorry but I find that I am learning so much every day! It is also fun that I got a new Mac Pro from Mr Man for our anniversary. A HUGE THANK YOU to Mr Man!!!!

Let me recap …

Goal + Weekend away with new Mac for anniversary = Back on track with my Blog!

Let me show you around where we are hanging out this weekend. Mr Man surprised me but taking me up North to Two Harbors. We are staying at Grand Superior Lodge in a cabin so that we both have time to work on our blog design and spend some quality time together. The weather here has been cold and rainy so it is perfect to stay indoors by our fireplace.


You hear of people getting away to “Unplug”, but we went away to “Plug-In”! In the rat race of life, other obligations had to be taken care of and I didn’t have free time to spend getting my blog back online. Mr Man is starting a blog as well and this seemed like a great way to take advantage of a weekend.


 I have been busy checking out Pic-monkey, Ribbet, and even downloaded a program called Logoist which I absolutely love (thanks to Mr Man who just got it himself). Hence, the constant changing of my blog header 🙂 I like both Pic-Monkey and Ribbet for different reasons. Pic-Monkey for the collages and Ribbet for the fonts. On some pictures I used both 🙂


I added a home tour drop down that has just two rooms on it right now but will add more as I have the time. The Formal Living Room you can find {here} and the Dining Room {not here yet} LOL, I thought I had finished that page but apparently not. So much to do! I miss having my Google followers on my sidebar but I do have Linky followers so if you feel so inclined you can follow me there (located on my sidebar) or on Bloglovin (also on my side bar). In some respects I feel like I am starting over and it makes me feel as though I wasted a year but then I remember all the amazing people I have met … wouldn’t change that for the world!


Thank you for bearing with me while I was away! It has certainly been a journey getting back to my blogging but I am so happy to be here again!



I am partying at …

Debbie Doo’s 

Working on learning WordPress!

Ugh! Really? Another way to drive me crazy and make me one unhappy woman. LOL My resolution this past year was to move my blog over to WordPress so here I am … pulling my hair out but enjoying it anyway. Is that possible? In a moment … I will publish this to see what it will look like. Stay tuned for more “Joy2Journey”!