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Vegetable garden for ‘Two’



Last weekend, Mr Man and I decided to work on a project together. Actually, he is definitely the muscle and without him … it would have taken me FOREVER!

We have quite a bit of property and I have wanted a vegetable garden now that I have some time to spend in it.

There are just the two of us now as the children are grown with children of their own.

All but 1 are out of state. *Tear*


That lovely tree stump? That is where I want to put our new garden.

“Oh Mr Mannnnnn …”


He is just amazing! He works so hard and I am constantly in awe of how strong he is!

Sometimes …

He has to use all his patience with me!

We were having a communication problem (even though we were talking about the same thing!)

He was patiently? listening to me explain where the line needed to be.


We set the posts in concrete the first day so that they could set overnight and be ready for us to install the fence the next day.


While Mr Man was attaching the fence to our existing fence line (Did I ever post about the fence we made in our backyard?)

I was unrolling the fencing and pulling it tight while he was driving in the staples.

(We bought Garden Zone 1 x 2 Galvanized Cage wire – $29.99. 4 Ft high x 50 ‘ at Mills Fleet Farm)


Sometimes, it is the unintentional thing that ends up being that something special. We happened to have 2 longer 4 x 4’s from a previous project and used them on either side of where I was going to make the gate. I made the arch and gate from wood that I had on hand.

Instructions on how to make a gate coming soon! 

I still need to paint the gate but the weather and my schedule are not lining up yet …


Every garden needs a scarecrow!


This is what we do  after a hard days work?


I hope  you had a great weekend!