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Stencil a wedding gift

I love to give a wedding gift that is personal. One that I made and one that is one of a kind. Most brides love receiving something that has her new last name on it. (If she is taking his last name that is) For this bride I used a 1 x 6 board that I cut to 2 feet in length. I used Jacobean stain and after it was dry, I used 4 inch stencils that I bought at JoAnn Fabrics, and white acrylic paint. I wanted the name to pop in contrast to the stain.

(Tip: Make sure to check the correct spelling of the last name BEFORE you start!)




After your finished with stenciling, let it dry, and then you are ready to embellish it. I chose 2 red heart buttons and jute twine for the left side. Easy to attach and knot into place.




I have to admit that I permanently borrowed a key from here!


I was going to use a thumb tack to hang it the key (it had a wood thumb press) but since I am all about transparency … it came off and I liked the small nail effect better. I threaded jute through the keyhole to match the other side and then hot glued it into place as I didn’t want it to just to hang straight down.



The whole time I am working on a project I think of the people that will have it hanging in their home.

Like the wedding shelf I made here or here

It brings me joy and adds fun to making the gift. Can any one else relate?

The finished sign! (and yes, I added 2 hooks on the back for them if they choose to hang it)




I pray their marriage will be blessed,


Making a Growth Chart Ruler

Somethings that I make, are super easy and fast and this is definitely one of those things! (Which is why it is surprising that it took me so long to make it for my daughter as she has been wanting one for about a year now.)  This Christmas, I made most of my gifts and included this fun project.

It is super cold here in Minnesota, so I do a lot of my work in my basement which might look crazy to some of you, but it’s warm, I can watch the Hallmark channel, AND work on fun.

You can find ideas all over the web by those who have done them but I knew I just wanted something simple so no pattern was needed. I had a 1x6x6 1/2 foot board that I wasn’t using, left over from another project, so I sanded down the board and stained it. I used a gel stain so there was less mess.

I measured the board starting at 1 foot because that is how high I will hang it off the ground. I used a Sharpie to make my marks.

I used a stencil I had to paint “Watch Gracie Grow”. I had been making marks on my wall that I used as measurements to mark on the board. I wanted to attach the paint pen that I used to the board so she could be consistent with what was started. I used twine and a small screw to attach it to the top and let it hang down the side.

Easter Boo Boo Bunnies with FREE Printable!


I have 6 adorable littles (aka Grandbabies) who I wanted to love on this Easter.

I went looking on my Easter Pinterest board for inspiration and found something that I had pinned earlier that seemed quick and easy.  Two of my favorite things!

This was the original pin


I was hoping for a pattern, but she made them free hand, so I went about reinventing the wheel …


I coercedbribed, asked, if my Mom wanted in on the fun. She agreed, and while I made the pattern and traced around them, she cut them out for me.

I have the bestest Mom ever! Thanks Mom!


I had a few false starts.

I wanted my ears to be fatter, and we won’t even mention the times that I sewed the ears on wrong!


They are filled with rice so they are able to go in the freezer or heat up in the microwave for my  littles. They will be tucked in boxes and baskets and leaving Minnesota tomorrow for other states.


One other thing that I did differently … I stenciled my littles first initial on the bunny belly so that there are no mixups or arguments about who’s bunny is who’s.

I was a mom once! 😉


In one family, 3 boys and 1 girl (aka 2 polka dots, 1 blue, and 1 pink), and 2 more families with 1 girl each (1 pink each).


I didn’t want you to have to come up with your own pattern, if you just wanted something simple to copy, so I made a free printable that you can download to your computer.


Happy Easter to you and your families and  a special thank you to the woman who gave me the inspiration




Making a beer caddy


Boss’ birthday … quick, what do you get them?

EVERY year it is the same “hard to come up with a great idea that he will like.”

That’s right. He. is. a . guy.

Girls are easy peasy, men not so much.


Word has it, he likes a good beer every once in awhile.

Don’t you just love the internet?

Evidently, there is a Beer of the month club.


You could just give the person the gift card but I am all about the presentation.


Back to the internet I went.

No time to remake the wheel so to speak.

I found a pattern HERE and headed out to get this thing made!


I made a few changes from the pattern.

Mine has 3 pieces of wood on each side, a square handle, and I hung a bottle opener to the side.

Tied, so he wouldn’t lose it.


I stained it my favorite stain color ever.



A piece of drawer liner was added.

(Just in case the bottles were cold and had condensation)


I personalized it and added the “Beer of the Month” gift card.

Easy one day project completed in the nick of time.

Have a great Monday,


Personalizing and making a simple DIY shelf



Most of the time,

I see things that I store in my mind for future use.

Something that I like,

and I say to myself … “I can make that!”.


It comes in handy when I need an idea for an upcoming wedding.

One for a co worker who loves Pinterest and making things herself.

Who doesn’t love something with your new last name on it?!


Ideas in my head get written down on whatever is handy.

In this case it was a scrap piece of paper.

List of supplies

2 ft 1×4 (top of shelf)

2 ft 1×6 (back of shelf)

2 – 2 ft 1×1 (for spacer pieces)

2 ft trim piece

2 ft molding

‘Power Grab’ (to adhere each piece before nailing)

Thin hardboard that I cut into squares for name





Ok, this seems like quite a list, but for DIYers most of these things, you have on hand around the house anyway!


I first tried two 1x4s but knew that wouldn’t work. It would not give me enough room to make the letters big enough.

Hence, a 1×6 for the back piece.


Next I cut the 1×1’s and laid them on the top and bottom of the 1×6.

(I did not permanently adhere them yet)


Next, I cut and placed the wood trim on top, of the top spacer.

(This is what will hold the letters in place)


The only thing left, to finish the shelf, is to pick the molding.

I happened to have 2 types left over from previous projects.


The first one I tried … looked to ornate for the look I am going for.

Her wedding is a bit country and she likes the whitewashed look.


The next one was just right!


Now the fun part of putting it all together!

Have you noticed my work space is once again outside?

Ok, focus! 😉

I used a small amount of Power Grab on each piece and then used my finishing nail gun to put it all together.

It goes together VERY quickly!!!

I sanded all the rough edges and sprayed a coat of primer on it.


Paint a coat of whatever shade of paint you want to use.

In my case, I used white so the Bride could use it in any room she chose.

I also knew I was going to stain the wood letters and the contrast would really help it stand out!


While the shelf was drying, I did math.

Mr Man and I did math.

Mr Man did the math. 🙂

I needed to make my letters 4×4 since I had 2 ft and 6 letters to make.

If I had to make a name with a long last name I would have made it on one long piece.

If it was short, I would have made it with a design or blank spaces on the ends. 


Sand everything smooth and stain in the shade you like.


Here is where you get to laugh at me …

I thought I would just run downstairs and use my Silhouette to make letters and stick them on.

Easy peasy.


They didn’t stick to the wood as the stain had not thoroughly dried.

Seriously? I am on a roll and now this!

I really wish I had a branding iron. Now that would look cool and very country!

I checked around to make sure I could dumpster dive without the neighbors or Mr Man thinking I had lost my mind.

You see … the silhouette cut out that I used, could still be used to stencil on letters.


I went back and forth making the letters and putting on an extra coat of paint on the shelf, and by the time the letters were finished, the paint was dry!

Let’s put it all together!


A fun and easy project that is personalized.

I could see making a piece of wood that said “Happy Thanksgiving”,  “Merry Christmas”,

or in the event of a new addition to the family … well, you get the idea!

I hope you have a great Monday!




10 minute gift idea!



 (My daughter had to take the final picture … I forgot!)

My amazing daughter and her husband had an anniversary and I wanted to try to make a gift that I found on Pinterest. It was an interesting idea and something simple and crafty is just up my alley!



Supplies needed …

1. Art canvas – any size you choose

2. Raised letters ( I bought mine from #Michaels)

3. Decoration of your choice

4. Pencil, ruler, and hot glue gun

5. Spray Paint

I thought about what I wanted it to look like … names, wedding date, and placement. I drew lines with a pencil and ruler to make sure that I kept it straight! The letters that I chose had adhesive on the back but they didn’t really stick firmly and the last thing that I wanted, was to hand her the gift and have it fall apart before her eyes. I grabbed my hot glue gun to make sure these letters were not going anywhere.


Once the letters and the wedding cake that I chose were in place, I used spray paint to cover everything.

(I had to paint it in a box indoors as it was cold outside)

I can prove it! 🙂


For those of you who have keen eye sight … you may have noticed that I had to change the year. Ooops!

I hope you all had a great weekend!