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2012 – A Look Back


Today, I am taking the time to look back, before I plan for the New Year. (2013) It is a good time to reflect on how I used my time and goal setting for the coming year.

This past …



Not just a Housewife

I entered a contest. Stacy from Not Just a Housewife hosted it and I was blessed to WIN with my Playhouse (that I built under my stairs). You can find that story {here} The playhouse was the reason that I started blogging in the first place. After looking for some ideas online and not finding what I wanted, I set out on my own to make what I had envisioned. A whole new world opened up for me in this land of blogging … I have made new blog friends and I have been able to share what I am working on. Just maybe it will inspire someone!

This was the winner … (thank you Stacy!)

Playhouse under the Stairs

A quick peek inside …

Playhouse under the Stairs

That month also found me redoing Mr Dog’s Space. His kennel was by the door, but was not very pretty to the eye. You can find the whole story {here}


I also started making a Murphy Bed. Wow, January was a busy month for me! I must have started the New Year at a full run 🙂 You can read about it {here}

It was started in Jan but it took me until April to have it fully finished. I got side tracked by doing other things … that’s just my way!

Murphy Bed



February found me with a slight interruption while I moved myself out of our shared office and built Mr Man a shelf in, what is now … his office.

(I have yet to make myself a permanent office space …  Do I hear a 2013 goal? 🙂 )


I also took some time to be thankful for my Father, and am so glad that I did, as he passed away September 25th. I miss him! (More on that later.)


Back in the day … this is My father and I building fence on our property. We used to have contests to see how many hits it took to drive in a nail. My best was 3. That’s right … started swinging a hammer helping my dad.


Mr Man and I spent 2 weekends at the “Home and Patio Show” and “The Lake Home & Cabin Show. Good Stuff there to dream about!



Mr Man and I went to one more show … “The Home and Garden Show” where I met Mr Chip Wade. I was in heaven! And of course, gathered more ideas!




I did something new in April. I joined a blog challenge. I blogged every day for 30 days and am proud that I finished. I am planning to do it again in 2013.

(Another 2013 Goal)


I finished the Murphy Bed that I started in Jan! Yay Me!!!

No big projects this month … but we did make a trip to “The House On the Rock” in Wisconsin.



May found the guest room completed. Not only did I make the Murphy Bed but I also painted and hung blinds. Nice change in that room!



I entered a “Mission Impossible” Challenge that you can view {here} A bit of work happened in our front yard 🙂




June was a busy outside month for me …

1. There was a mailbox that got a facelift and new planter {here}

2. Painting the house trim and sprucing up the garage door {here}

3. Including a new color for the front door {here}


4. I put window film on my dining room windows to keep out the sun damage on my wood floor {here}

AND … one of my most controversial posts

5. Staining my front walkway {here}




The month of working on my mudroom …

It started like this {here}


you can read about the new tile floor, washer and dryer, but the complete after will be revealed in Jan!

One of the small things I made was a HUGE hit. Go figure 🙂

It was an almost no cost to make … A laundry tip jar for the change that finds it way into the washer or dryer.




August was about all the small things. I didn’t have any big projects that I was working on, although I still have a mudroom that could be be finished!

We took our vacation and went to Door County, Wisconsin. You can read about that {here}

It was also when my dad had his stroke and I flew out to California to be with him.



September was silent on my blog. I hope that I didn’t lose to many followers but my time and attention was with my parents. Dad passed away on the 25th. I was honored to be with him when it happened but I have to say … it was one of the most difficult things I have been through. I am so thankful that he is at home with God and pain free!



 My first post back was about … yup, my dad {here}

Then I worked a bit on my laundry room, and then yay … I was back in the game again with …

Recovering my piano bench {here}

Before and After 🙂Piano Bench

 And, then there were all the chores to get ready for winter here in Minnesota. I didn’t take any pictures as I was work, work, working! 🙂



Whew, I am tired already!

November saw me moving my blog from Blogger to #Wordpress! That was a goal of mine from last year and I did it!!!

Mr Man and I took some time away for our Anniversary and went to “The Split Rock Lighthouse” {here}


It was time to decorate for Christmas … and out came a wreath that needed decorating {here}




December brought with it the idea for Miss Precious to have a Reading nook. Geesh, last year I made her a playhouse. How do you top that?!

I started by gutting a closet {here}  You can continue to read through the posts from there 🙂


My goal was to finish by Christmas and ….

(Woo Hoo) I made it. The reveal will be in January 1st and I will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate!!!

Hugs and enjoy the last day of 2012!



Newbie with a twist party

Door County, Wisconsin – The Hotel …

We heard so much about Door County that Mr Man and I decided to go there for our vacation this year.  

(Camping in Duluth was out, due to all the flooding, as they closed the State Park. We were hoping that Miss Precious would be able to come and experience camping. Oh well there is always next year)

Mr Man booked the hotel and he told me all about it … It has character, is older, but clean, and it gets high marks on “Trip Advisor” (his fave). I always tell him “As long as we are together, I am good!”
We traveled 6 hours by truck with our bikes in tow. The Holiday Motel was to be our home for the next 6 days …
Motel sign
Holiday Motel
Yup, that is Mr Man’s truck and our bikes 🙂 Mine is the white one ….
The Holiday Motel

The chairs were so nice to relax in at the end of the day. People watching is fun too!

Holiday Motel

The Lobby made me laugh when I saw it …. A Christmas tree and presents? Well, the place IS called … The Holiday Motel 🙂 And, who doesn’t have a Raven on the top of the Christmas Tree?

The Holiday Motel

It didn’t take us long to realize that this was a very “Artsy” area. The picture behind the desk, of the woman, was by an artist that had paintings all over town. (Even on buildings!)

The Holiday Motel
The Holiday Motel

They had an old telephone booth closet that was now empty but you could write on the walls showing that you were there. I never did get around to doing that, although I wanted to. I did sign the guest book, maybe that counts 🙂

The Holiday Motel

Breakfast every morning was complimentary and this mini retro diner was to die for. In order to make your breakfast you had to be behind the counter and it made you feel, at first, as if you didn’t belong there. You could sit at the bar or at the table on the left. Sooo cute ….

The Holiday Motel

One had to be very QUIET though, as down the hall there could be people sleeping.  Shhhh!

On the counter was a small fridge that held all things cold that you might want. I thought the word magnets were such a cute touch.

The Holiday Motel

We had a corner room on the 2nd floor that looked out to the sign. I liked that! It also had windows on both walls and the cross breeze was the bestest ever! The temps were in the high 70’s and gorgeous.

The Holiday Motel

The furniture in the room was metal and even though the phone looks like it is a rotary one, it really is a push button. The red against the sea blue painted walls really popped!

The Holiday Motel
The Holiday Motel

There was an 8 track player on the top shelf that actually worked. The music wasn’t something that we would listen to but it was fun to reminisce.

The Holiday Motel

Gotta love the bathroom, although the photo is really bad grainy. 🙂 Most of the things in this hotel were original. In the bathroom … I believed it!

Mr Man

Dinner with Mr Man was across the street from our hotel, looking out toward the lift bridge on Sturgeon Bay. This restaurant was really hopping that night, and I took this photo along with the rest of the water pics, after the place cleared out a bit. Gosh, I love this man!!!

Sturgeon Bay
Sturgeon Bay

Such a wonderful first day …. and now to get some sleep … with our night light 🙂

The Holiday Motel
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