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Stencil a wedding gift

I love to give a wedding gift that is personal. One that I made and one that is one of a kind. Most brides love receiving something that has her new last name on it. (If she is taking his last name that is) For this bride I used a 1 x 6 board that I cut to 2 feet in length. I used Jacobean stain and after it was dry, I used 4 inch stencils that I bought at JoAnn Fabrics, and white acrylic paint. I wanted the name to pop in contrast to the stain.

(Tip: Make sure to check the correct spelling of the last name BEFORE you start!)




After your finished with stenciling, let it dry, and then you are ready to embellish it. I chose 2 red heart buttons and jute twine for the left side. Easy to attach and knot into place.




I have to admit that I permanently borrowed a key from here!


I was going to use a thumb tack to hang it the key (it had a wood thumb press) but since I am all about transparency … it came off and I liked the small nail effect better. I threaded jute through the keyhole to match the other side and then hot glued it into place as I didn’t want it to just to hang straight down.



The whole time I am working on a project I think of the people that will have it hanging in their home.

Like the wedding shelf I made here or here

It brings me joy and adds fun to making the gift. Can any one else relate?

The finished sign! (and yes, I added 2 hooks on the back for them if they choose to hang it)




I pray their marriage will be blessed,


Building a “Milk Crate” coffee table


An easy “Do-It-Yourself” project is this coffee table. This is not a new idea and it has been done over and over again by others.

My Minnesota daughter found the idea on Pinterest and promptly let me know that this was something that she would like me to make for her. I pinned it to my Pinterest board for a time when I could make it. Her 9th Anniversary was this month and I thought this would be the perfect time.


Home Depot had a sale going a few months back on wooden crates, so I bought them, and set them aside. They were a bit heavier in construction than the ones I saw at Michaels. Better for a coffee table!


I had the conversation of “if” and “when” I would make it … would she like it painted or stained? And what color paint or stain? She decided she wanted a dark stain which was perfect, as I had Jacobean by Minwax, on hand.  This is the first project that my mother has seen me work on so I had company while I was making it.


I have plywood of all shapes and sizes left over from various projects so I didn’t have to buy a special piece to use as a base and I purchased swivel casters to make it easier for my daughter to move when she was vacuuming or exercising.


Stagger the milk crates and screw them onto your 1/2 inch plywood.


Hide said gift around the corner, in the downstairs, so that the surprise is not found.

This child of mine finds everything before she is supposed to see it!


I added 4 “L” brackets, for a piece of plywood to sit on in the middle, and then decorated it with rocks and a candle that is battery operated.

No burns for my grand daughter!


Finished and ready to be delivered.


The little one has already deemed this a fire pit for her toys. Hahahahahaha.


Hope this finds you having a GREAT day!


Making a beer caddy


Boss’ birthday … quick, what do you get them?

EVERY year it is the same “hard to come up with a great idea that he will like.”

That’s right. He. is. a . guy.

Girls are easy peasy, men not so much.


Word has it, he likes a good beer every once in awhile.

Don’t you just love the internet?

Evidently, there is a Beer of the month club.


You could just give the person the gift card but I am all about the presentation.


Back to the internet I went.

No time to remake the wheel so to speak.

I found a pattern HERE and headed out to get this thing made!


I made a few changes from the pattern.

Mine has 3 pieces of wood on each side, a square handle, and I hung a bottle opener to the side.

Tied, so he wouldn’t lose it.


I stained it my favorite stain color ever.



A piece of drawer liner was added.

(Just in case the bottles were cold and had condensation)


I personalized it and added the “Beer of the Month” gift card.

Easy one day project completed in the nick of time.

Have a great Monday,


DIY shelf follow-up makes me smile!


 Nothing makes me happier, than seeing someone able to enjoy something I made!

Do you remember this?

{An easy DIY Shelf}

I made it for a friend, with her new last name,  for her wedding.


I got a follow-up photo yesterday from the bride as a thank you.

It is so fun to see the shelf being used!


Happy Monday!







Personalizing and making a simple DIY shelf



Most of the time,

I see things that I store in my mind for future use.

Something that I like,

and I say to myself … “I can make that!”.


It comes in handy when I need an idea for an upcoming wedding.

One for a co worker who loves Pinterest and making things herself.

Who doesn’t love something with your new last name on it?!


Ideas in my head get written down on whatever is handy.

In this case it was a scrap piece of paper.

List of supplies

2 ft 1×4 (top of shelf)

2 ft 1×6 (back of shelf)

2 – 2 ft 1×1 (for spacer pieces)

2 ft trim piece

2 ft molding

‘Power Grab’ (to adhere each piece before nailing)

Thin hardboard that I cut into squares for name





Ok, this seems like quite a list, but for DIYers most of these things, you have on hand around the house anyway!


I first tried two 1x4s but knew that wouldn’t work. It would not give me enough room to make the letters big enough.

Hence, a 1×6 for the back piece.


Next I cut the 1×1’s and laid them on the top and bottom of the 1×6.

(I did not permanently adhere them yet)


Next, I cut and placed the wood trim on top, of the top spacer.

(This is what will hold the letters in place)


The only thing left, to finish the shelf, is to pick the molding.

I happened to have 2 types left over from previous projects.


The first one I tried … looked to ornate for the look I am going for.

Her wedding is a bit country and she likes the whitewashed look.


The next one was just right!


Now the fun part of putting it all together!

Have you noticed my work space is once again outside?

Ok, focus! 😉

I used a small amount of Power Grab on each piece and then used my finishing nail gun to put it all together.

It goes together VERY quickly!!!

I sanded all the rough edges and sprayed a coat of primer on it.


Paint a coat of whatever shade of paint you want to use.

In my case, I used white so the Bride could use it in any room she chose.

I also knew I was going to stain the wood letters and the contrast would really help it stand out!


While the shelf was drying, I did math.

Mr Man and I did math.

Mr Man did the math. 🙂

I needed to make my letters 4×4 since I had 2 ft and 6 letters to make.

If I had to make a name with a long last name I would have made it on one long piece.

If it was short, I would have made it with a design or blank spaces on the ends. 


Sand everything smooth and stain in the shade you like.


Here is where you get to laugh at me …

I thought I would just run downstairs and use my Silhouette to make letters and stick them on.

Easy peasy.


They didn’t stick to the wood as the stain had not thoroughly dried.

Seriously? I am on a roll and now this!

I really wish I had a branding iron. Now that would look cool and very country!

I checked around to make sure I could dumpster dive without the neighbors or Mr Man thinking I had lost my mind.

You see … the silhouette cut out that I used, could still be used to stencil on letters.


I went back and forth making the letters and putting on an extra coat of paint on the shelf, and by the time the letters were finished, the paint was dry!

Let’s put it all together!


A fun and easy project that is personalized.

I could see making a piece of wood that said “Happy Thanksgiving”,  “Merry Christmas”,

or in the event of a new addition to the family … well, you get the idea!

I hope you have a great Monday!




The Tale of Refinishing a Glider

Some projects take hours from start to finish.

Some take weeks.


A month or three can go by before it is finally completed!


It all started one day, when ‘Adorable daughter’ decided she did not want her Glider anymore.

You know the one …

The one that sat on the patio area that I made for her and her ‘adorable family’.


You can read about it {here}

Anyway, after years of sitting out in Minnesota seasons …

It looked like this.


Actually, in all fairness, it did have a top piece.

I just forgot to take a ‘before’ picture, because I was so excited to redo this beauty!


Demolition is always the easy part because the  creative juices are flowing with endless possibilities!


I have a creative mind that just doesn’t want to wait until a project is completed before I am dreaming about the next one I want to do.


Removing slats and sanding them down, does not take a lot of brain power …

THAT, my friends, is when I get myself into trouble!

I start dreaming of the next project I want to do.


Case in Point?

This was my view in my make shift workspace …


My view got me started thinking about the area around my mailbox and the unsightly utility boxes.



And then …

A new camper was bought and camping trips happened.

Thunderstorms, work, grand daughter fun, and holidays took my mind and time away from this project.


Miscommunication is what finished this project!

Yup, You heard that right.

I wanted to work on a cute little bench, that I bought at a garage sale for $3, and asked Mr Man to get it out of the garage for me.

He thought I meant the bench I had been working on … and,

put the glider out on the driveway for me.


I am so glad he did!

I dedicated this to my dad who passed away last September.

He is gone on this earth, but forever in my heart and memories I have of him.


With any project, it starts out one way but at any point can change and become something unexpected.

The dedicating it to my father was not in the plan but evolved as an idea toward the end.


I say … some things are worth the wait!

(Another way of saying the same thing … Some things get put on the back burner!)

I had all my supplies on hand, so except for time, this project cost me $0.

Gotta LOVE that!

Before and After


Don’t you just love it when a project is completed?

I know I do!!!

Hugs and make it a great Monday,



C … My DIY Craft table


I saw a fun idea about making a craft table … it was a seemingly easy idea.

I thought, “I can make that!” and I set about making one for myself with a few changes!


This was so incredibly easy to put together!!! Here is how …

1. Buy Chair of your liking and assemble.





I love this bar stool … just the right height and so comfy!


2. Buy 2 bookshelves and assemble



3. Buy table top of your choice.

(I chose to buy one that was already white and shiny with no work required! I wanted to keep this EASY! I cut the piece to be just as wide as the shelving I chose and the length that I wanted my work space to be. My table is 3′ X 6′)

I want a nice BIG space to create!!!


 4. Buy accessories of your choice

You can see in the picture above that I chose black cubby boxes. I also purchased wall protectors to adhere to the sides of the table to keep from me or little ones from hurting themselves if they bumped into it.


Let the fun begin!!!

I painted the sides white, to cover where I cut and the wood was exposed, added Washi tape to the sides to add some detail …

I also added a yard stick to the top to help me measure items as I work.

(It is adhered permanently with screws so it doesn’t walk off)


I wanted to personalize it with something that had meaning for me. I chose three works that would describe what I would be doing in this space.

1. Dream

2. Imagine

3. Create

I got to use my #Silhouette and cut the words out of vinyl to attach to my table. This is when you get to go into creative mode … and think about how you might put them into something more than just three words. I attached them where the letters were the same.


I wanted an image of something that was personal to me … and after thinking and thinking for days … I came up with the idea to use my blog name in a thought bubble since it is something that was created in my mind about a year ago.

Sappy? Maybe, but still cute and just right for me!




*** side note: The table top is screwed into the bookshelf tops to keep secure! ***


I accessorized with a lamp that Mr Man bought me at Ikea as a crafting gift to go with my new crafting work space, My #Silhouette, a pretty cup to hold pens and pencils, and an organizer to keep things picked up completed my space.


Maybe you can use this idea … it is totally doable and easy to put together!

Let the creating begin!!! 🙂



Mudroom seating and organization

My mudroom  has been a process!

It has been interrupted by holidays, events, and quite frankly a lack of motivation.

The Mudroom seating and organization in the old new closet was finally finished this weekend …


Let me go back in time …

A time when there was a hall closet.

That opened into the hallway.

That made it impassable if it was open and there were others standing in the hall,

Or if there were shoes kicked off and now laying in the way.

Usually, my shoes.

There has to be a better way to make this space work for my family (Mr Man, Me, and Paxton,our dog) Here was my mudroom closet in all it’s glory.


The first step, was to take everything out of the closet and take off the door.

Taking things apart always goes quickly and is part of the fun for me.


I removed all the wood trim but wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to proceed with the framing.

I had to “ponder”.

I tend to “ponder” a lot!


I measured the width of my closet and found a bench that fit EXACTLY.

It fit so well that I had to assemble it in the closet!

(Notice that the closet has been painted and tiled)


This bench came with canvas baskets to store winter gear.

Perfect for us here in Minnesota!


I love packages delivered to my door.

I look for great deals and free shipping and then wait for them to arrive, and Mr Man does not tell me when they come to the door as I love the surprise!!!

Think Christmas 🙂

This is my wall mounted cubbie with hooks. Some assembly required … again.


We needed to find a mail solution that could organize where we kept our mail and yet be out of sight.

“Mail = Privacy” in my mind.

I found this at the Container Store that works perfectly for us!


I decided to get my “Craft” on and make tags to help organize where items would be stored.

Michael’s had a 20% off entire purchase coupon and I found some fun sale items so this was an inexpensive part of the project.


For the mail slots, I stamped our names on the upper two and “ETC” on the bottom one, and then used blue cord to tie them to the wire.

(Blue is my accent color)


I chose plain tags, number stamped safety pins, and number stickers that I had on hand.

The upper baskets are numbered 1, 2, and 3.


I used the same plain tags for the lower baskets, but I chose to stamp the names of the items that would be stored in them, and tied them with the blue cord I used on the mail labels.


I love to hang my clothes when they are just damp to eliminate wrinkles.

I do NOT like to iron and neither does Mr Man.

Hiding the clothes rod above the opening was the perfect place and the hangers can be tucked back and out of sight.


Sitting on the Mudroom bench and looking up … this is what I see 🙂


On laundry day, this is what you will see.

(Mr Man’s shirts)

I love this system!

And oh, look! I finished off the opening of the Mudroom seating area …


Home Goods is an amazing store that I love! Love, Love, Love it!!!!

I went shopping this past weekend and found these great pillows that fit as if I had made them for the space.

Thank goodness I didn’t have too.

And …. they were the perfect shade of blue to match!

(Sadly, no coupon but worth every penny I paid!)


1. I love how this turned out because it fits what Mr Man and I need.

2. Mr Man loves how this turned out because he sees the finish line is in sight. (Hee Hee)


The inside is done except for the baseboards.

Next weekend!


Beginning to end


More work on the mudroom but almost done!

Will be sharing more soon.

Hope this finds you having a great day,


P.S. You can read more about the Mudroom/Laundry Room here:

Laying a tile floor in the Mudroom/Laundry Room

Laying cement board before tiling Mudroom/Laundry Room Floor

Demolition of our Mudroom/Laundry Room floor


Mudroom update …

I have been working on the mudroom this weekend and will be sharing my work tomorrow …

Are you ready??!

I sure am!

A sneak peek of what I have been working on.


Join me tomorrow when I reveal the nook I created in the mudroom.



Making an EASY step stool

Step stool? Maybe I should have said … “Step Platform” 🙂


Let me start from the beginning …

My adorable daughter asked me if I would make a step stool for Miss Precious so that she could use the potty by herself. She is not quite big enough to get up on it by herself … Problem is, it really needs to be a “stable” step up so that she can stand on it and maneuver on it without feeling as if she might fall. I arrived at their home to take measurements and to see first hand what it was that she wanted and how it would fit their bathroom.

Here were my thoughts and ideas … (I think out loud on paper)


It is great on paper but do you know how cold it is outside? My work shop is not heated … it is called the Garage!


What we won’t do for love! I cut the wood faster than I ever have before and my KITCHEN became my temporary workshop.

These are my pieces and it took only 5 min to cut them all!


Yes, that is snow on the ground. I had to take it out doors to sand the sharp edges.

My fingers were frozen.

(Maybe I should think about building myself a heated workshop!)


Put wood putty in the holes …


Sand the top, wipe it down, and it is ready to paint!


I wanted to put a quote having to do with using the potty and since Miss Precious loves, “Horton Hears a Who”  … I used this quote.

(Cut using my new #SilhoutteCameo)


It didn’t work so well on the “-Dr Seuss” so I re-cut it and used my drawing ability, or lack thereof, I drew a butterfly.


It is crazing I know … and, Oh, yes I did! … I used Miss Precious’ water color paints to paint the butterfly!!!!


When I finished the butterfly, I used Washi tape to decorate the sides. I am not that excited about how it turned out but it will work for the short term and I get to improve on my decorating  skills as I am making one more for their other bathroom. 🙂

I finished it all off with a clear coat of #Minwax. I love their products!!!!

It is all ready for a little one to use it …


Hugs and make it a great Tuesday,