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Making an UGLY chair BEAUTIFUL

My adorable daughter LOVES garage sales.

Me? I start warming up after we find some fun treasures.

2 summers ago, she found a desk and chair that had been stored in a barn, was the ugliest thing I had ever seen, and paid $25 to take this “treasure” home.

I was challenged to making this atrocity look adorable for my musé.

For the last 2 years it has taken up residence in my garage and I have had no inclination, whatsoever, to finish it or to waste time dreaming up fun ways to make this into something special.

Curious about the chair?


First step, bring in said chair from the Frozen Tundra garage to warm it up to room temperature.

Facts about this chair

1. Dirty

2. Paint color is a dirty mustard

3. Only has 3 pads, so there is a wobble

4. It is outlined in Green

5. Upon closer inspection, it is not the original seat cover.


Mr Man caught me in the living room staring at the chair and asked me what I was doing.

well … 

I was studying the lines, wanting this chair (and desk) to grow with Miss Precious.

I want it to be a wonderful piece of furniture to be taken care of …

and not thought of as just a garage sale find.

I was thinking about colors and fabrics.

and then, I got to work …

There was a seat to be taken off.


A good scrubbing, to remove all the dirt and reworking the lines of the seat.

(Corners are too sharp and not enough overhang in the front)


I gave it 2 coats of primer.

(While I was warm by the fire)


All the while, dreaming about what I want to do with the back section.

(Stay tuned) 


And then I did something that I have never done before.

I bought a can of horribly expensive paint.

(Glidden – Bright White, Door and Trim Paint with Gelflo)

The reason? I wanted this chair to have a super high gloss.


This chair is growing on me.

I am loving the transformation.

(and in a Black and White Photo … it has a look of an era past)



I am excited to share the finished chair with you, but, we have to wait until the paint dries.

(This high gloss paint takes a while to dry!)

Make it a great day.