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A new look to an old front door

My daughter and her husband bought a home at the end of last year and since spring and warmer weather is finally here, she is anxious to make some changes outdoors.


Julie front door 1


Her first request was to paint her front door a fun new color. I have to give it to my girl, she knows what she likes, and how to find it. She found a photo of a door color that she liked on the internet and I used an app on my phone, ”ColorSnap” by Sherwin Williams, that will color match.


Julie front door 2


The color that she chose was Nautilus (SW 6780) and the work began. We took the door off its hinges and I sanded it down. Did you see how we used a hair dryer to get rid of the saw dust ? Hahahaha.  Who needs a compressed? Well, yes, that would have been nice! A repair of the outside corner needed to be done before we painted and since we bought a paint that had primer included, the transformation began.


Julie front door 3


My sweet girl is trying her hand at learning the ins and outs of home improvement. This is the first time that she has had an interest at doing it herself and I couldn’t be prouder of  how quick she learns. She is also very patient and gets the work done right. You can’t teach that! Even my granddaughter got into the fun. She is pseudo sanding. Is that a thing?!


Julie front door 4


After the first coat dried we had to wait a few days before I was able to come back and lightly sand the door again so that we could add a second coat. Correction. SHE added a second coat.


Julie front door 5

Julie front door 6


When I came back today to work on another project , the gorgeous door was the first thing I saw and it made me smile. I love a home that makes me smile!!!


Julie front door 7



Julie front door 8

(We had a freakish snow burst right before I took this photo)


Yes, we are working on something new here at her home. It was a gorgeous day here in Minnesota and it was glorious being out side with no coat and just wearing sandals! Bring on the sun!!!!

Hugs for a great day,