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Reading Nook Decor

What to do … what to do?

I saw an idea using letters to spell words … and I thought, “What better word to spell than, R.E.A.D!”

I purchased white wooden letters, scrapbook paper (all black and white … just like pages of a book), ribbon tape, keys, and Decoupage that I already had on hand. You can see by the pictures below that I chose writing, cartoon, and drawing paper.


I gave each letter a different design, alternating white and black backgrounds.

On the white, I used the red accent tape that matches my paint color. (I lucked out on that one!)

On the black, I hot glued small keys.

Two reasons for this …

1. Miss Precious adores keys.


2. Reading is the key that opens a Big, Big World!



So easy to do and made me feel so crafty! LOL

https://www.joy2journey.comDo you remember seeing this picture of things I bought for the Reading Nook?


The two baskets at the bottom needed something to make them cute.

Left over wood provided me with tags, left over twine to attach them, and stencils that I already had on hand.

Originally, I planned to use matching paint but nixed that idea when I realized it would make it look to cutsie.


I ended up using a black permanent marker.

You have heard of “Thing 1 and Thing 2?”

I made “Book 1 and Book 2!”


I drilled 2 holes in each one and laced twine in to hold them onto the baskets.

(My pictures are a bit blurry but … you get the idea)


Now a few new books to match my “Olivia” theme.

One word … Costco!


My fave is “Olivia dances for Joy”

Get it? Joy2Journey … dances for Joy? I know, I know. A bit cheesy 🙂


So far so good in getting a lot of the decorating done!

The little arrow below is where I decided to add a bit of reinforcement. I framed it but now need to get it painted!

So far so good getting alot of the decorating done!

Back to work I go … See you tomorrow for another update!

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Reading Nook Wood Finish

Santa is worried for me.

Look at his face.

No pressure here … but it is 9 days until Christmas!


  No worries (HA)

Ok, focus!

I sanded the old wood that I had (remember my stock pile?), to match the new wood.


Fortunately, for me … this step went pretty fast!


Next step, staining the wood. I used “Golden Oak”

A fan was necessary to quickly dry and keep the odor away.

*Handy hint: A pair of gloves are a must to keep your hands stain free.


I trimmed the seat area using molding, an adhesive, and finishing nails.


I will fill the corners with a stainable wood putty to give it a more finished look later.


Remember I told you I had a reason for choosing this paint color?

“Olivia” the Pig is why I chose the paint color! I wanted to match her outfit 🙂

*Handy hint: Don’t rely on your memory to choose a paint color. Either, bring in an object to match or bring home paint samples.


Olivia has faith that I will get this done by Christmas Eve … see? she is smiling!

(There will be more frequent posts from me until Christmas as I finish this project.)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work I go …



Cozy candlelight at Christmas!

It won’t take anyone long to look at my living room to see that I LOVE the cozy feel of candlelight. I love the time of year when it is snowy out a balmy 50° outside, sitting by the fire, and having nothing but candle light glowing while you chat work on your computer, with your someone special. In my case … that would be with Mr Man.

Mr Man!!!

Now, what was I saying? Oh yes … I love the Christmas candlelight, the lights glowing on the Christmas tree, the soft Christmas music …


I am very traditional when it comes to holidays. I still have most of my decorations from when my babies (who are now 32 and 31) were born.

I have to repair them every once in awhile, but they still live on!


A tradition that we do every year?  A new ornament.

The children were given their ornaments when they were married and had Christmas trees of their own.

Miss Precious is into it as well. She made us the “Pink” one (her favorite color) that is hung in the middle of our tree.


I am thinking I need to make buy some Christmas colored pillows!


It is gloomy outside … which is typical for November but definitely not December! No snow on the ground with this unseasonal weather.


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care (or if you can’t find two of your hangers … they lay in the bike basket by Santa until they are found)

Just bein’ real here  🙂


“How is a gallery wall cozy?”, you may ask.

Think family.

All snuggled together amidst red poinsettias.

Definitely cozy!


My favorite place will always be this stairwell. I love the openness of it and the many ways it can be decorated.

And my VERY BIG candle.


Decorating with my dear SIL (son-in-law) is always an experience!

He is tall, so he tends to decorate higher than we do.

LOL  No he is not a giant … he just has fun making us look UP.


Thank you for dropping by my home. I hope that you will have time to do it again sometime soon.

Praying that you all have a wonderful Christmas with those you love!