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Moving from Google Reader to Bloglovin …


We are saying goodbye to Google Reader today, so if you haven’t already changed your blog following options . . . you may want to do it now!

(Before you forget, if you are anything like me!!!)

Some people have been a little confused by this, so here’s a brief explanation of what is happening. . .

Many of us have been using Google Reader to read and keep all the blogs we follow in one place. Google have decided to no longer offer this service on July 1st, (today), so we need to find an alternative feed-reading solution. I read my blogs on BloglovinYou can find my blog there too!

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Getting my “Blog” on!

I made a New Year’s goal for this year …

1. Move Blog over to Word Press!

Check check! Of course I think that I may be driving a few of you nuts with my constant header changes! I am truly sorry but I find that I am learning so much every day! It is also fun that I got a new Mac Pro from Mr Man for our anniversary. A HUGE THANK YOU to Mr Man!!!!

Let me recap …

Goal + Weekend away with new Mac for anniversary = Back on track with my Blog!

Let me show you around where we are hanging out this weekend. Mr Man surprised me but taking me up North to Two Harbors. We are staying at Grand Superior Lodge in a cabin so that we both have time to work on our blog design and spend some quality time together. The weather here has been cold and rainy so it is perfect to stay indoors by our fireplace.


You hear of people getting away to “Unplug”, but we went away to “Plug-In”! In the rat race of life, other obligations had to be taken care of and I didn’t have free time to spend getting my blog back online. Mr Man is starting a blog as well and this seemed like a great way to take advantage of a weekend.


 I have been busy checking out Pic-monkey, Ribbet, and even downloaded a program called Logoist which I absolutely love (thanks to Mr Man who just got it himself). Hence, the constant changing of my blog header 🙂 I like both Pic-Monkey and Ribbet for different reasons. Pic-Monkey for the collages and Ribbet for the fonts. On some pictures I used both 🙂


I added a home tour drop down that has just two rooms on it right now but will add more as I have the time. The Formal Living Room you can find {here} and the Dining Room {not here yet} LOL, I thought I had finished that page but apparently not. So much to do! I miss having my Google followers on my sidebar but I do have Linky followers so if you feel so inclined you can follow me there (located on my sidebar) or on Bloglovin (also on my side bar). In some respects I feel like I am starting over and it makes me feel as though I wasted a year but then I remember all the amazing people I have met … wouldn’t change that for the world!


Thank you for bearing with me while I was away! It has certainly been a journey getting back to my blogging but I am so happy to be here again!



I am partying at …

Debbie Doo’s