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Weight Loss Journal – Week 1

Day 1


Here I am starting a public weight loss. Really?! What was I thinking? I woke up with a headache and I think it is because I never ever ever tell anyone how much I weigh …. even when I was at a smaller size. Now the whole world will know! It was a hard day for me today with a family problem that had me so upset that I had to take Pepto and it started my health issue again (intestines). I walked at lunch today at the Mall so I can climb into bed tonight and know that I ate healthy and exercised. Miserable day to start this and normally I would have thrown in the towel because I am unhappy, but I have to many people who know my plans. Talk about Accountability! (I did drink a coke from the vending machine at work. I am just keeping it real here!) 40 pounds to loose and this is day one.

Day 2 – 4


I have been exercising daily and eating healthy. I still have been having issues with the intestine’s but am drinking lots of water to keep me hydrated and hoping that they will settle down soon. I am walking during my work days at the mall for 40 min and now that I am home I am walking on my treadmill for 45 minutes. This morning when I stepped on the scale, I was excited to see that I have lost 4 pounds. I am sure most of it is water weight, and having to do with my not drinking Cola, but I will take it and know that I will have to keep with the routine I am setting up to power through the plateau’s that are sure to come.I have an app that I am using on my phone called “Lose It”. First, It is free. Second, It is password protected … score! I enter in all my information and set my goals. Every day I enter my food and exercise. It tells me how many more calories I can consume. I also tells me what my protein, carbs, and fats were for the day.

Today, on Day 4, we went to Baker’s Square for dessert as we had 2 – $5 off coupons. I feel like I am on the Biggest Loser and I just lost the 1st Challenge.

Lesson learned: Read coupons to see what they are actually for!

I am back on track and will choose better the next time.


Day 5

Good News!!!!

Mr Man decided to join me.

That’s the end of the good news …

LOL, He gets to have 2 1/2 times in calories what I do. It seems that he can have in one meal what I am allotted for the whole day!


Call me “Miss Grouchy” today. I am hungry and not used to telling myself “No”. That is how I got into this shape. I exercised (it allows me more calories that way) and I played the game of “I really want a small white chocolate mocha, no whip or chocolate drizzle” so, what do I need to do to get it? It was a cold blustery day today and I really wanted something hot and yummy to drink. I jumped on the Lose It app to play lets make a deal. I found that if I exercised longer and cut back just a bit on dinner I could have it! Score!!! Until dinner time and I was hungry.

Lessons learned:

1. Making better choices

2. Learning “Is it worth it?”

3. When you get a diet buddy … make sure they are in the same calorie range as you! 🙂


Day 6


Woo Hoo!!! Down by … drum roll please … 5 pounds this morning.

I don’t really feel any lighter. Although I do feel better mentally knowing the weight is coming off. Walking and doing an exercise DVD with my daughter still make me feel like I have not exercised in awhile. I am reminding myself that I did not gain this weight in one day and that it will take work to get back into shape again. Why is it, that it seems we can gain it quicker than losing it?

Mr Man is staying within his calorie limits and tonight at dinner, we were comparing percentages in protein, carbs, and fats. It is very informational and helps you focus in on where you need to do better. My fats were up a bit and my proteins need to be higher. I am resolved to keep going and will share with you my exercise space in the coming days. I revamped it 🙂

Here is where I started …



Day 7


Oh my gosh! EEEEE!!! I lost 6 pounds as of this morning. I feel great although I know that you can’t really see any changes on the outside yet. No one is looking at me and saying “Oh my gosh, you look great!” but I am saying it to myself. I know what I have done. I know the work I have put forth this week. I logged my eating every day, I exercised every day (today is my designated day off), and I am more determined than ever to keep going and achieve what I set out to do.

LOL, It sounds like “I am Woman, hear me roar!”

It was a good week and I am proud of my effort … that’s all I am trying to say 🙂

Stay tuned for Week 2 … next Wednesday

The Blog Bulge Party is still open for those of you wishing to share HEALTHY recipes, exercises, tips … anything fitness related.



 34 more pounds to go!


Hugs and thank you for your support!


My “Weight” Story and Blog Bulge Linky Party


 These wonderful ladies and I are joining together to host a party where you can link up your fabulous tips, recipes, stories, or any fitness related topic.

(Me) Bj @ Joy2Journey.com

Julie @ Redhead Can Decorate (Who started this first)

Amanda @ Mommy is Co0 Co0

Lori @ Vintage Charm Restored

Tami @ Tami Curb Alert

Kristin @ 9th and mayne

Sherry @ Pondered Primed Perfected

Claire @ A Little Claireification

When you add your link to my party … you add to the other 7 as well.

My personal story?

Just a short, year and a half ago, this was me …


2011 – After weeks of never ending diarrhea (thank goodness for spell check … I guess I don’t use that word very much, and didn’t know how to spell it) I found myself in the hospital for 3 days while they ran tests and treated me for dehydration. As, the nurse was hooking up the 3rd bag of saline, I remember looking up and asking, “Where is all this fluid going? I don’t even have to go to the bathroom”. I was kindly told, my body was acting like a sponge and was soaking it all up. Diagnosis? It wasn’t  Celiac Disease  or Crohns Disease, but it wasMicroscopic Colitis. I was put on a steroid short term. My body decided during this time to enter Menopause. Mood swings (mostly crying) had me sitting in my doctor’s office wondering if I was going crazy. No, I just had something called “Hormones” or lack thereof. Being on a mood regulator has two effects on appetite 1. Less hungry 2. More hungry. I became a #2. Blogging started when I wanted to share my playhouse for Miss Precious. Blogging takes up a few hours every day (That is a whole other post), and between sitting to write, work, family, and fun … the pounds have crept up. 

I now have …

wait for it …

40 (yes, you heard right!) 40 extra lbs to get rid of.


(I am the one in blue glasses hiding in the middle)

I have to adopt a workable exercise, eating, and blogging strategy. I am using “Fitter” fitness calculator app and “Lose It” app on my phone to keep track no matter where I am. I also have a treadmill and weights that I will be using.

My main hurdles?

Drinking coke,

finding a time to exercise consistently,


drinking water,

and those “no thought moments” when it makes it into your mouth and then you think “Ah man”!

And let us not forget …. planning ahead, so that you have you on hand what you need when you need it!


Anyone who is interested in also getting healthy is invited to join our group the “Blog Bulge Babes”.

Please feel free to display the link party button on your blog if you are joining us and spread the word that we are getting our bloggy shapes back!

Once a week, Wednesdays, I will post my weight loss journal if you are interested in following along. As I get braver … I will post more pictures of where I am beginning.

I need help! Please link up  your fabulous tips, recipes, stories, or any fitness related topic.

The most helpful to me will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Ready? Set? GO!!!!

Can Blogging make you FAT?!

Can Blogging really make me fat?!

I guess I can’t really blame it all on blogging.

Let’s just say that a year a half ago I looked like this …


I will share, this Wednesday, March 6th, my journey with a few fellow bloggers who have decided we need to get off our blogging butts and get moving and regain the shape we started with 🙂

Julie @ Redhead Can Decorate shared her story {here} 

(She was the instigator in starting my thoughts on how I wanted to change things up for myself!)


Miss Precious

I will share my personal story this Wednesday, but I should warn you … it isn’t pretty!

We want YOU to join us and share your ideas, recipes, and exercises … so get them ready!


This party hop is the place to be!

Hugs and Happy Monday,