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Reading nook revisited …

Many of you have wondered if the little one still uses the reading nook that I made for her. It is a resounding “YES” and it warms my heart to see that she knows it was made for her. I think it is important to let children know that they are special. We all do it in our own way and I feel blessed to be able to share things I make with her.

Looking for how it was made? Check out how here …

A Reading Nook Idea

Reading Nook Construction Begins

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Reading Nook Decor

Reading Nook Staining and Painting

Reading Nook Before and After


I hope this inspires you to create your own fun space even if it is just for you 😉



Reading Nook … Before and After!

The Reading Nook was finished by Christmas Eve! I have had so many of you wondering if I finished and if Miss Precious liked it …

 She did!!!!

For those of you who want to see the Before and After right away …

You will have to wait until the end to see them side by side 🙂

However, I’m prepared to show you the finished project if, you keep reading until the end! Deal? I promise to make it worth your while.

For me, most of the fun is in the details that make it special. I found some glow in the dark butterflies (#Target) that I knew would be perfect for when the door is closed and the light is turned off. I arranged them to look like they were fluttering off in a group.

Miss Precious LOVES keys so I found some that had words engraved in them. (#Michaels) Three of them really sum up what I was doing … “Secret”, “Memories”, and my personal favorite, “Journey”.

Snuggling was a must! and I fell in love with this snowflake throw (#Target) that is so cozy. I wanted a place to store it when we don’t need it so I bought a white hook to hang it on. No secret place is complete without a flashlight and I found a red one to match the accent color that I was using. Yes, Miss Precious LOVES flashlights too!


The Dreaded Cushion …. da da da DA! I picked this upholstery fabric as it reminded me of all the places that books can take you. (I am an avid reader!) I also wanted to use it because it will grow with her and never be out of date. (At least for this kind of space) The fabric is sturdy which I love, and soon, will do a post on, “What I learned while making a Cushion”. Subtitle … “Someone, save me from this HELL on earth”! You get the idea. I had to make it, as the size I needed, made it too expensive to purchase. I love it and I am glad that I can say, “I did it!!!!!”

 There were more books in the baskets below that she could open … A “Handy Manny” series. Teach them while they are young 🙂


This sweet little pig became my theme and I found her, and her books at #Costco. I am so happy that I went with her as the theme as it gave me an opportunity to bring in a paint color that I would not have chosen otherwise, but now am in LOVE with!


I am not removing the door, so that it remains a secret that it exists. After all, children love secret spaces. Then again, So do I! I set a plant in front of the door and she did not even peek in there once.


Miss Bliss over at Bliss Ranch suggested a bow on the door and I knew she was right! I love fun suggestions 🙂


Miss Precious and Adorable Daughter disappeared on Christmas Day. Look where I found them.

It is almost hard to remember the closet it used to be, until I did a side by side. I vote for the Reading Nook in that space 🙂 LOL, as if you needed to have them labeled … I give you the Before and After! Thank you everyone for following along on this project, giving me support, and your interest. It means so much to me.


As a “THANK YOU” and celebrating one year of blogging I am hosting a giveaway. A $25 Starbucks card! (I don’t know about you, but I could use coffee about now to keep awake while I clean up after the holidays!) Young or old, in the States or another country … anyone can enter. I am no longer on blogger and miss seeing your friendly faces, so I am hoping you will follow me either by Linky or Network Blogs.

Hugs and Happy 2013!

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Reading Nook Staining and Painting

Some changes were made in the Reading Nook since I last shared.

One of them was the ceiling. The white was such a stark contrast to the red that I decided to paint it.

(Sorry … the pic is a bit blurry but it is the only one that I evidently took. )

The ceiling took 2 coats of paint.

I also decided that I wanted to stain the wood as it was feeling like a sauna to me.

I used my favorite stain … Jacobean!

I had to re-stain the upper part of the back, as the wood didn’t take it as well as the rest.

I painted on the stain and then left it longer before wiping it off.

I used Minwax Polycrylic in Satin to seal the stain and wood.

It dries FAST and a fan helped the process too. 🙂

I wanted to paint the shelves and top railing white to help them stand out …

I also had to paint the seat of the Reading Nook as I really made a mess on the first coat. LOL

Live and Learn!

Now to let it all dry before I do the detail work. I am hoping to have it done but I am stressing about all I have to do!

Not just with the Reading Nook but … baking, cooking, cleaning …

You understand 🙂

*If you missed any parts of the construction of the “Reading Nook” you can click on the links below …

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 Reading Nook Decor


Reading Nook Decor

What to do … what to do?

I saw an idea using letters to spell words … and I thought, “What better word to spell than, R.E.A.D!”

I purchased white wooden letters, scrapbook paper (all black and white … just like pages of a book), ribbon tape, keys, and Decoupage that I already had on hand. You can see by the pictures below that I chose writing, cartoon, and drawing paper.

I gave each letter a different design, alternating white and black backgrounds.

On the white, I used the red accent tape that matches my paint color. (I lucked out on that one!)

On the black, I hot glued small keys.

Two reasons for this …

1. Miss Precious adores keys.


2. Reading is the key that opens a Big, Big World!

So easy to do and made me feel so crafty! LOL

https://www.joy2journey.comDo you remember seeing this picture of things I bought for the Reading Nook?

The two baskets at the bottom needed something to make them cute.

Left over wood provided me with tags, left over twine to attach them, and stencils that I already had on hand.

Originally, I planned to use matching paint but nixed that idea when I realized it would make it look to cutsie.

I ended up using a black permanent marker.

You have heard of “Thing 1 and Thing 2?”

I made “Book 1 and Book 2!”

I drilled 2 holes in each one and laced twine in to hold them onto the baskets.

(My pictures are a bit blurry but … you get the idea)

Now a few new books to match my “Olivia” theme.

One word … Costco!

My fave is “Olivia dances for Joy”

Get it? Joy2Journey … dances for Joy? I know, I know. A bit cheesy 🙂

So far so good in getting a lot of the decorating done!

The little arrow below is where I decided to add a bit of reinforcement. I framed it but now need to get it painted!

So far so good getting alot of the decorating done!

Back to work I go … See you tomorrow for another update!

*If you missed any parts of the construction of the “Reading Nook” you can click on the links below …

A Reading Nook Idea

Reading Nook Construction begins

Reading Nook Wood Finish



Reading Nook Wood Finish

Santa is worried for me.

Look at his face.

No pressure here … but it is 9 days until Christmas!

  No worries (HA)

Ok, focus!

I sanded the old wood that I had (remember my stock pile?), to match the new wood.

Fortunately, for me … this step went pretty fast!

Next step, staining the wood. I used “Golden Oak”

A fan was necessary to quickly dry and keep the odor away.

*Handy hint: A pair of gloves are a must to keep your hands stain free.

I trimmed the seat area using molding, an adhesive, and finishing nails.

I will fill the corners with a stainable wood putty to give it a more finished look later.

Remember I told you I had a reason for choosing this paint color?

“Olivia” the Pig is why I chose the paint color! I wanted to match her outfit 🙂

*Handy hint: Don’t rely on your memory to choose a paint color. Either, bring in an object to match or bring home paint samples.

Olivia has faith that I will get this done by Christmas Eve … see? she is smiling!

(There will be more frequent posts from me until Christmas as I finish this project.)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work I go …


Reading Nook … construction begins!

Don’t you just love how, when you are working on a project, it starts to take shape just the way that you imagined? That is how it is for me right now. We left the closet (AKA Reading Nook) empty of all it’s contents {here} and ready to construct a new inside.


Every builder needs a workshop … this is mine. It is simple and moves wherever I need it 🙂

There will be no comments on my hair!

I got up and started working, when Mr Man snuck up and took a picture of me. Some days, construction women are not pretty!

I made a 2X4 frame, topped it with “Purebond” plywood.

I was worried about the bench part being sturdy, so you can see that I put lag bolts into the studs. This bench is going nowhere people!

Shopping for this space was easy!

I needed baskets for books, pillows to lean on, decorations, and a throw to snuggle up with while reading.

Oh, and a cushion. Oh, my goodness … I am going to have to make one! Can’t buy one the size I need, and a custom order would cost me a fortune.

I can do this …

I bought foam, batting, upholstery fabric, thread, and an upholstery needle for my sewing machine.

(Most was on sale and I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon. Yay me!)

I have to clear out the fun stuff and get back to work!

I like things to be rustic but pretty.

I like texture, and the wood in my garage could be put to good use.

I just measured the length and then randomly cut them. They are attached by Power Grab and finishing nails.

  1. I was half way up the back wall when I thought, hmmm … I should probably paint the top part first. Up a ladder I go. Yup, Mr Man with that camera again! You have to love my zebra socks 🙂
  2. 1st coat of paint but will definitely need another. *Paint color – Calypso Berry in flat.
  3. Working the wood up to the color while it drys.
  4. 2nd coat of paint applied. (I will share later why I chose this color)
  1. Starting on the side wall and installing my first shelf. (The right has more room on that side)
  2. Spacing for a second shelf.
  3. Finishing up to the top.
  4. One more side to go! Woo Hoo!

 This is who I am making this for … The other “Joy” in my Journey.

I better get back to work! Lots to do 🙂


I like to party at …

A Reading Nook idea …

Last year, when I was building Miss Precious a Playhouse , I saw an idea of a Reading Nook that caught my interest. Miss Precious was 3 last year so I knew I could wait to make it until this year. I love that she is aware that I make these things for her with my tools.

A Reading Nook that caught my eye was made by Thrifty Decor Chick. I looked at many, many ideas on line since then, but I keep coming back to Sarah’s design.



For me, it is because she used a space that most of us have already in our homes. (If we have a closet that we can give up)

Fortunately for me … I do!

Really the only thing this closet is used for is some linens and gift’s for upcoming holidays or birthdays.


Top Shelf: Random Pillows

2nd shelf: Rug and random sheets

3rd shelf: Random sheets

4th shelf: Pure randomness

Bottom: Gifts and gift giving supplies

There seems to be a theme here … maybe, I should have called this the “Random Closet”!

I am now bestowing this closet … a purpose.

 Removing the shelves was made easy with my cordless screwdriver, and having a trash can close by? a must! There sure are a lot of holes that will have to be repaired. All random sheets were donated and not hurt during the process. 🙂

Except for the ceremonial “filling of the holes” it is ready to be turned into something special. I love this part of the process. It is a blank canvas and ready for whatever I create.

Some people have hunting dogs, I have a construction dog. One who lays in the way most of the time 🙂

Here is to getting all your projects done on time!


Ripping off the Bandaid

It’s a crazy title when this is a blog about creating spaces/building. This is not the easiest post for me to write. I have had some life altering changes, not the fun kind, over the past two years. Life and decisions were hard and I found myself isolating myself not only from the blog but in my normal life as well. I have found the solitude to be comforting and a shell that protected me until the healing could begin. There are only a few that I let in to see my pain but as my daughter told me the other day … I “need to rip the bandaid off.”

I recently went through a divorce and on Thursday I am moving to a new home. All the fun spaces for Joy2 are being left behind for the new owners. And while they are excited to be buying a home with fun things for their grandchildren, I am sad that a big part of my history is being left behind. the stairs playhouse
©joy2journey “Under the Stairs Playhouse”

More than a few tears were shed by Joy2 … and me. Broken hearts are healing but it is a process and I am trying to be patient in the process. Nook
©joy2journey “Reading Nook”

Joy2 is losing a relationship, a 2nd home to her, and the spaces that were made with her in mind. I assured her there would be a space in my new place just for her. A more grown up space now that she is older. Although it doesn’t take away the pain that she has felt, it is something for her and I to look forward to doing together.

I found a home that is perfect for me and it even has a space for us to create together. Want a sneak peek?
joy2journey “She-Shed”

A three season porch that will be “our Joy2 space” A she-shed. I can see it all in my head right now and while I am waiting to move into my new home I am dreaming and sketching out how I plan to turn this house into my home.

I am looking forward to being able to start working on those things that bring me joy, and sharing them with you. (And chickens. I can have chickens!)

The bandaid has officially been ripped off,

R … Rest

Rest, of which I am not getting much of … until last night that is.

The ‘Little 1’ and I slept from 7 PM until 8 AM this morning.

Ahhh, what a difference rest will make on a body.


It helps to deal with another cloudy day here in Minnesota Winter Wonderland.

It helps when you are having a ‘Hot Flash’

(Check out the red face)


(the messy room where ‘Little 1’ stays)

It gives us energy to go shopping for indoor things to do,

like Walkie Talkies …

(Mr Man calls them 2 way radios)

or shopping for dress up dolls …

Reading to stuffed animal friends in the Reading Nook …

(More on Reading Nook HERE)

Playing with the dog who is really not at all interested in playing with them unless it is to chew on them. 🙂

Oh, the things we wouldn’t do for our ‘Littles’ LOL

Hope this has found you having had lots of REST and having a great day!

If you have sun please send it to Minnesota!



A week in Branson,Missouri


Have you ever wanted to visit Branson?

I thought it was for old people … I was wrong. In fact, if you are older … you will not have fun on the hilly terrain. It is geared for the “whole” family. I am going to keep the commentary short and share my photos of our trip to Missouri.


One of the ways to keep Miss Precious connected to us as we leave for a week or longer is to buy a stuffed animal on the trip, take pictures of it in various poses, and send them to her. By the time we get home she already feels as though she knows them and has an instant friend. This trip she wanted us to take Olivia and Leo to find a new friend. One, no big deal … but 3 in public? The looks we got! LOL

Mr Man and I were so excited to see a bit more spring … i.e.. less snow 😉

All pictures of Ty were for Miss Precious …

Opening Act at Dixie Stampede

Dixie Stampede/Dolly Parton’s Venue

We watched an awesome show while we ate. This is a must see if you are in the area.

(no photos allowed during the show)

I had to take a picture of this newspaper article and send it home to my daughter.

I could not believe that I left home and headed South 700 miles to find MORE snow!!!

Cold weather … hmmm, what to do … what to do?

Ty wants me to shop! I concur 🙂

The Coach store? Oh, ok, I will see if I can find anything that speaks to me.

A new coach purse and Black Walnut ice cream. Does it get any better than this??? Hard to beat this combo!

(Because it is virtually impossible to find original Black Walnut ice cream in Minnesota, My. Absolute. Favorite. EVER. I had it almost every day we were there.)

Do you see the flags blowing? Cold people … COLD!

Every town needs a Ginormous Chicken … Right?

The sun came out and we needed to exercise after all that Black Walnut ice-cream.

Observation deck, six flights up … good thing I am not afraid of heights!

The views were spectacular!!!

Branson, Missouri.

Branson Attractions


Wax Museum

My first time ever in a wax museum!



The show was the most amazing play I have ever seen. Definitely a  must see!!!

(No photography allowed during the play)

Some walking and window shopping along the river.


A fun group of 6 brothers called “Six”.

Am I boring you all yet? I am almost finished. I promise!

I have to include some photos I took on the road trip home …

My favorite

And as we get closet to Minnesota, we start to see snow …

The last picture that I sent to Miss Precious … all three of her “friends” reading a story in the Reading nook that I made for her.

Sent this picture with a message, “Reading a goodnight story and excited to see you tomorrow on Easter.”

I hope this finds you all having a great day!