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A HUGE Thank you to Stacy@Notjustahousewife!

On January 16th, 2012 I learned that I had won a contest held by Stacy @Not Just A Housewife!

(You can read about that {here} on Stacy’s website)

WHY am I talking about it now???
Good question! I started this blog to share with anyone who wanted to join along (mostly family at that time) and share in the process. You can see my original post {here} of when I finished it and of course if you are interested in seeing more of the process you can use the keyword “Playhouse” and find the rest. 
This was the Under the Stairs Playhouse …


I was making this playhouse under the stairs for my grand daughter for Christmas. (and my other grand babies when they come to visit.

I appreciate all that the contest, that Stacy held, did for me! I had some amazing gifts coming to my door and it was fun to see what had arrived in the mail.  This was the first to arrive …

YUM! Thank you Utah Truffles for the chocolate goodness and the extra pounds I now need to exercise away 🙂

Black & Decker sent this great All in One Laser Level. It clings to the wall, freeing up your hands to do the work you need to do. What a help for this girl who works alone!

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2012 – A Look Back

Today, I am taking the time to look back, before I plan for the New Year. (2013) It is a good time to reflect on how I used my time and goal setting for the coming year.

This past …



Not just a Housewife

I entered a contest. Stacy from Not Just a Housewife hosted it and I was blessed to WIN with my Playhouse (that I built under my stairs). You can find that story {here} The playhouse was the reason that I started blogging in the first place. After looking for some ideas online and not finding what I wanted, I set out on my own to make what I had envisioned. A whole new world opened up for me in this land of blogging … I have made new blog friends and I have been able to share what I am working on. Just maybe it will inspire someone!

This was the winner … (thank you Stacy!)

Playhouse under the Stairs

A quick peek inside …

Playhouse under the Stairs

That month also found me redoing Mr Dog’s Space. His kennel was by the door, but was not very pretty to the eye. You can find the whole story {here}

I also started making a Murphy Bed. Wow, January was a busy month for me! I must have started the New Year at a full run 🙂 You can read about it {here}

It was started in Jan but it took me until April to have it fully finished. I got side tracked by doing other things … that’s just my way!

Murphy Bed



February found me with a slight interruption while I moved myself out of our shared office and built Mr Man a shelf in, what is now … his office.

(I have yet to make myself a permanent office space …  Do I hear a 2013 goal? 🙂 )

I also took some time to be thankful for my Father, and am so glad that I did, as he passed away September 25th. I miss him! (More on that later.)

Back in the day … this is My father and I building fence on our property. We used to have contests to see how many hits it took to drive in a nail. My best was 3. That’s right … started swinging a hammer helping my dad.

Mr Man and I spent 2 weekends at the “Home and Patio Show” and “The Lake Home & Cabin Show. Good Stuff there to dream about!



Mr Man and I went to one more show … “The Home and Garden Show” where I met Mr Chip Wade. I was in heaven! And of course, gathered more ideas!



I did something new in April. I joined a blog challenge. I blogged every day for 30 days and am proud that I finished. I am planning to do it again in 2013.

(Another 2013 Goal)

I finished the Murphy Bed that I started in Jan! Yay Me!!!

No big projects this month … but we did make a trip to “The House On the Rock” in Wisconsin.



May found the guest room completed. Not only did I make the Murphy Bed but I also painted and hung blinds. Nice change in that room!

I entered a “Mission Impossible” Challenge that you can view {here} A bit of work happened in our front yard 🙂



June was a busy outside month for me …

1. There was a mailbox that got a facelift and new planter {here}

2. Painting the house trim and sprucing up the garage door {here}

3. Including a new color for the front door {here}

4. I put window film on my dining room windows to keep out the sun damage on my wood floor {here}

AND … one of my most controversial posts

5. Staining my front walkway {here}



The month of working on my mudroom …

It started like this {here}

you can read about the new tile floor, washer and dryer, but the complete after will be revealed in Jan!

One of the small things I made was a HUGE hit. Go figure 🙂

It was an almost no cost to make … A laundry tip jar for the change that finds it way into the washer or dryer.



August was about all the small things. I didn’t have any big projects that I was working on, although I still have a mudroom that could be be finished!

We took our vacation and went to Door County, Wisconsin. You can read about that {here}

It was also when my dad had his stroke and I flew out to California to be with him.



September was silent on my blog. I hope that I didn’t lose to many followers but my time and attention was with my parents. Dad passed away on the 25th. I was honored to be with him when it happened but I have to say … it was one of the most difficult things I have been through. I am so thankful that he is at home with God and pain free!



 My first post back was about … yup, my dad {here}

Then I worked a bit on my laundry room, and then yay … I was back in the game again with …

Recovering my piano bench {here}

Before and After 🙂Piano Bench

 And, then there were all the chores to get ready for winter here in Minnesota. I didn’t take any pictures as I was work, work, working! 🙂



Whew, I am tired already!

November saw me moving my blog from Blogger to #Wordpress! That was a goal of mine from last year and I did it!!!

Mr Man and I took some time away for our Anniversary and went to “The Split Rock Lighthouse” {here}

It was time to decorate for Christmas … and out came a wreath that needed decorating {here}



December brought with it the idea for Miss Precious to have a Reading nook. Geesh, last year I made her a playhouse. How do you top that?!

I started by gutting a closet {here}  You can continue to read through the posts from there 🙂

My goal was to finish by Christmas and ….

(Woo Hoo) I made it. The reveal will be in January 1st and I will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate!!!

Hugs and enjoy the last day of 2012!


Newbie with a twist party

Front walkway – Part II

Today was a HOT day! No joke … 91 degrees, humid, windy, and sever thunderstorms are on the way. Basement time tonight for sure until the storm passes. The reason that I bring this up is because Mr. Man did something extraordinary today. In all this heat he finished the pavers by the walkway. We bought new ones that would match our home and contrast the walkway, highlighting the entry to our home. 
This is what our walkway looked like after I stained it … to read about it {click here}
The existing bricks were an orange kind of paver that just did not look good. It is like painting a room people! Once you change one thing … other things stand out that you want to change. The pavers were not level anymore after years of extreme temps so here is where we started.
Mr Man cleaned out along the sidewalk …
… laid down pea gravel, sand, and the paver edge. Then came the new pavers (from Menard’s, on sale, yay us!) that were leveled. 
He rented a paver cutter. It was $8 for 4 hours. Can’t beat that! He got most of the pavers down before going to get it so that he could spend those 4 hours just cutting what would need to be cut. In the HEAT! My job was to keep bringing him ice water to cool him down. I was not a slacker! I was inside doing a project that needed to be finished. Really!
Finished and now to clean up! After I put away all the things that Mr. Man had to use (he ran the paver cutter back) I noticed that I had dirt ground into my newly stained walkway. EEKS! I use the jet sprayer and a broom to clean it off. It looked great. We are finish with the walkway … now on to the door jam 🙂
Done! Thank you Mr. Man (XOXO)

*Spoiler alert … If you don’t want to know what is coming … don’t look! because, I started on …
It involved this 🙂
Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs,
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Staining a cement walkway …

So … here I was, watching “Curb Appeal” on the DIY network … and when they did a makeover on a home that had a red cement walkway to the house. They. Stained. It!!!!! I looked at Mr Man and he instantly read what I was thinking. We need to do something like that! Now, we do not have a red cement walkway … we have a plain Minnesota, I see extreme temperatures, snow shoveling, sometimes salt, walkway. Builders grade. Nothing special.
You can see Paxton in the door window if you look hard 🙂 He wants to be out in the yard with us.
Ok, focus! Notice the two toned nothing special cement. A step by step through the process …
1. Wash cement to make sure it is clean! Mr Man brought out his power washer last night and washed away all the dirt so that it would be dry by this morning.

2. The first coat to be applied is 1/2 of the cement stain (shade … Riveting) mixed with 8 ounces of water. It makes a slurry and is the base coat.


Cutting in the stain.



Rolling it on.


Cutting it in.




AND, roll it on. 🙂

Wait 2 hours to let 1st coat dry … eat lunch.

3. 2nd coat is full strength stain with an Anti – Skid additive. No slipping on my walkway thank you!


 2nd coat is done and now to stay off of it for 72 hours.

We have a chipmunk that poops on my porch. I also have a relocation program 🙂



Before …                                                                             After …












What’s next? Fixing a problem and new brick install. Stay tuned 🙂

Wonderful Blogger Tag

Wonderful Blogger Tag … (I have been tagged)

I am so excited! I have been tagged by a “Wonderful Blogger” named Amy at California Dreaming. Thanks Amy!

Here are the rules…
Post a photo and 11 random things about yourself.
Answer the questions that the person who tagged you asks.
Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
Tag 11 blogs and link them to your post.
Contact them and let them  know they have been tagged.

Me and Miss Precious. Notice the Easter Egg on my Piano? 🙂

Here are my 11 random things.

1.  I have worn glasses/contacts since 2nd grade.
2.  I am afraid of dogs and have been known to put other people in front of me to save myself. (Except my children. I will protect them at all cost)
3. My favorite drink at the moment is McDonald’s Medium Mocha Frappe, no whip, no drizzle.
4. I am losing weight so cannot have it. 🙂
5. I am almost 5’5″
6. I made up my children’s bedtime song and now sing it to my Grandbabies too.
7. I was painfully shy as a child but you would never guess that now!
8. I love to watch Curb Appeal, Renovation Realities, and Yard Crashers. 
9. I have had so many embarrassing moments that I could write them all down and end up with a small book.
10. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.
11. I am team “Jacob” all. the. way.

My 11 Questions to Answer …

1. Which do you enjoy more cooking or baking?
   After cooking for the better part of my life … I find it “work” to cook on a daily basis. I am so incredibly fortunate to have married a man who helps share that job. I do, however, love, love, love to do the holiday cooking!!!! I would bake but since I don’t have a family at home to 
eat it, I don’t really bake. So my answer? Neither at this time in my life unless it is a special occasion. *giggle* Bet you are sorry now that you asked that question!

2. What is the project you are most proud of, give us a link we would love to see it!
     I seem to be most known for, the “Under the Stairs Playhouse”.You can see the inside {here}

3. Do you quote funny lines from movies? If yes tell us which lines you use.
     All the time! :)The two that I use the most … “Bring me something French” from Home Alone. It refers to the little neighbor boy who wants them to bring him back a souvenir. I say it to my husband when he heads off to the store 🙂 The other … “Mary mashed them … John Wayne was tall …” from While You Were Sleeping. It refers to a diner conversation, where no one was talking about the same subject as they were not listening to each other. I say it with my daughter mostly, when dinner conversations get random.

4. What is your favorite flower?

5. What is your favorite t.v. show?
     I have to rat myself out?! Ok, you asked for it …. “Once Upon a Time” Sunday nights, ABC.

(*** “Parenthood” is my all time favorite but it is on hiatus right now. This is me. Sad. 🙁 )Tuesday nights, 9 O’clock, NBC

6. If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would it be?
     New Zealand. I have only drooled over pictures. Can someone pass me a towel, please?

7.  What would you say your decorating style is?
     Comfortable. Is that a style? Stay tuned for future “Home Tour” pictures …

8. If you won the lottery would you still DIY your home improvement projects or just buy whatever you want?
    I would buy the best that money could afford and do it myself!!!! No question!

9. What do you do to relax?
     Travel with Mr. Man. We pick a direction and just drive. Weekend road trips are the best!

10. If someone was making a movie about your life which actress would you want to play you?
     Why Reese Witherspoon of course! 

11.  What is your favorite online place to shop?

11 Bloggers I am tagging…

11 Questions I am asking …

1. How many pets do you have? and what are they?

2. How long have you been a DIY Girl?

3. What is the most “creative” thing you have ever made? Link it here!

4. When is the last time you were on vacation and where did you go?

5. What is the most fun thing you have ever done?

6. What was your most embarrassing moment?

7. What is the best part of your day?

8. If you had 2 hours all to yourself (no guilt) what would you do with your free time? 🙂

9. If you could do any project on your home … what would it be. (Money being no issue of course)

10. What do you love the most about your home?

11. The next movie you want to see is …?


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Murphy Bed Update and “Give-A-Way” Winner

Once upon a time … I started making a Murphy Bed. The frame was made, the mattress bought, linens ready, and the front …. oh, the front. Bad front!  I put more hours on making the front than I care to even think about!!! Ack. 

I started with high hopes and a blank canvas before me. Good thing I had no idea at that moment what my fate would be with this project.  (Hey look, Mr Dog is barking to come in. Maybe he is really warning me to stop while I am ahead. *giggle*)
I decided, after much deliberation, to do a decoupage with paper bags and then found some pretty napkins to bring in come color. I was so proud of my idea and the savings. Wait until I showed the world my remarkable talent! LOL, they do say, “Pride goeth before a fall”. Ouch. (That was me falling flat on my face.) I am thinking this project was to keep me humble. 🙂 Goal attained.

For days weeks months after finishing the front, I just couldn’t bring myself to attach it to the frame. Everyday I walked by it. Ignoring it. I was asked on several occasions … “What happened to the Murphy Bed? Did you complete it?” This past weekend, I told Mr. Man … I don’t like it. That is why I was at a stand still. Great. Now that I figured that out … Now what? 

While we were out running errands together, I saw a brand new Goodwill Store. (Mr. Man loves to get books and tapes and I thought I would look around while I was there.) I have been thinking of doing something impossible for me and it involves Upholstery Fabric. I came across some amazing fabric for … wait for it … $1.99 and just perfect for the colors in my room and the front of the Murphy Bed. Woo Hoo!!!!!

It has that Chevron feel that everyone is excited about. It has amazing texture and the colors will fit so well. 

Here we go again … Decoupage and I need to stop meeting like this!

Happy dance! I like this look so much better. 
I have to clean it up and then attach it. Almost done.

And …

The winner of the $25 Starbucks Card is …
Random Pick

Congratulations and make it a great day.


Blast from the Past!

Oh my Gosh! Look at a photo we found!

I guess I started building long before I was married and had my babies. I found this picture (sorry about the quality of it. Mr Man scanned it in for me and tried to help the quality but what do you expect of a photo that was in a box for  … *cough* … 30 something years?!) of me and my Dad when we were building fence together. We fenced in 5 Acres. I know right?! My parents moved me to Squaw Valley, CA, my junior year of high school and I lived there for a year and a half before heading off to college. Memories were made here! Without further adieú … me at 17 years of age 🙂

And don’t forget …. save the date …

The “Sunday Stop” …  
     A new party starting at Joy 2 Journey!
Sunday’s are my day to stop before the work week begins and so I invite you to share time with me and others and link up to this party with what you have been working on in the past week …
When: Each Sunday, Starting Feb 26, 2012 (Doesn’t that date even sound fab?!)

Where: Here at Joy2Journey 🙂

Time: I will have the party open for 3 days (Just like an open house … stop by when it is convenient for you!)

Let’s kick this news off right shall we???
     With a “Give A Way” … How appropriate that it would be a $25.00 gift card to “Star Bucks”. There is nothing better than sitting down and browsing other friend’s work while enjoying something to drink with a little something sweet …

Here’s how you can enter to win this amazing giveaway:

1. Follow “Joy 2 Journey” through Linky Followers and let me know by leaving a comment. (1 entry)

2. Facebook to others about this Giveaway and leave a separate comment. (1 entry)

3. Follow me through Google+ and leave a separate comment. (1 entry)

4. Follow me at my Facebook Page and let me know you do or did by leaving a separate comment (1 entry)

Good luck! I hope you not only win, but you will join me at “Sunday Stop” next Week where you will find out who won!


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Tuesday ...
Wednesday …

Lake Home & Cabin Show

Mr. Man and I were at the Lake Home & Cabin Show doing some dreaming and it was good thing I had tissues for all my drool! I thought it would be fun to share some pics of what we saw. (Sorry about the quality  of the photos … all I had was my phone) I was never a Girl Scout! {wasn’t the motto, Be prepared?} Hmmm, or was that Boy Scouts? Both?

Minneapolis Convention Center

I LOVED this! It wasn’t for sale and I probably couldn’t afford it anyway. Good thing I had that tissue! 🙂
This time for my tears!

This was so cute. A small outbuilding to sleep in, with room for a table, to put on property for a place to stay on a weekend … the steps are storage! 
Fire and Water seems to be the thing …

A REAL Skunk … Ack!
Opossum …
I talked to the woman who was with this exhibit and she explained that all these animals had issues and could not be let out into the wild for their protection. Case in point … the hawk below only has one eye.
He was a magnificent bird!

The Bobcat scared me to death! He was loose. But not real … stuffed! Whew 🙂
Then Mr Man and I went to lunch … and had fun dreaming together!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Oh yeah, and I am linking too ….
Monday …
Tuesday ...

DIY Contest/Under the Stairs Playhouse

I am so excited!!!! I entered a DIY Contest and just found out I won. I am so excited to win the products that will help me with doing more projects!

“Not Just a Housewife” posted the info on her website today.

You can see all the fun products that I will be using soon. A huge thank you to the companies who contributed to my future fun and  A big thank you as well to all of you who voted and visited me on my website. So so many deserving women for sure.

I have to run and get to Home Depot for some supplies but will post my latest project later!