Installing new lights

I like to joke that I think the previous owners had to be bats as it was so dark inside the house! I like my home to be light but also have the option to dim if needed.

You already saw my old kitchen light here, but in case you forgot …

My daughter loves this light so it will be installed in her home above her kitchen sink at a later date. Covid-19 has us waiting for a lot of things these days.

I found a new kitchen light that I loved online but when it arrived I was surprised to find it was a pendant light. You know … the kind that plugs into the wall. I had to adapt it to be able to hardwire it to the ceiling and find the right mounting cover.

I am loving my new light! It matches my mason jar drinking glasses 😎

Before we were “Shelter in place”, I bought new clear glass sconce replacements and new light bulbs to go with the modern farmhouse that I had in mind. I had my lovely assistant, AKA my mother, hold them up for me so I could make her famous (hahaha) and show you the difference.

The bulbs and glass sconce made a huge difference. As Batty Koda from the movie Fern Gully said, “I can see! It’s a miracle!” Seriously tho, I saved a lot of money by not having to buy all new sconces. There were six in all that I replaced. I am loving the new look!

I found the perfect light to go over my stove, but , let me remind you what the old one looked like first …

I have a most amazing friend, thank you Deb, who stood on the counter while avoiding the stove to help me get this beauty up. It was a lot of work but let me tell you, every time I turn it on it makes me smile. I am in love with each of these changes.

I bought the same one for over my dining table that will hang just a bit lower. Spoiler alert: I ran into quite the problem …

Until next time, Stay well and safe,

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  1. Kathie Flood

    April 5, 2020 at 10:43 AM

    You always inspire me!! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. Joy2Journey

    April 5, 2020 at 6:57 PM

    Sister, have you forgotten what you did with your kitchen?! You are amazing in your own right!!! Wish we lived closer …

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