Downsizing and moving in

Downsizing has its problems. Raise your hand if you understand my pain. I thought I had sold, given, donated, recycled and trashed years of accumulation before moving but finding places in my new/old home posed some problems. Older homes have less space as the rooms are smaller in size.

It seemed overwhelming when I looked at all the boxes!

The kitchen

For me the first order of business, after setting up my bed for the night, was to get the kitchen up and running. This adorable little kitchen does not even have a pantry!

I have a friend who offered to come over and help set up and organize it with me. It was fun to hang out with her and get a lot of work done. A win/win for me.

For now, this is my make shift pantry. We were able to get a lot in this small cupboard!

I was running out of room for my dishes and my friend came up with the idea of using one of my bookshelves and making it a coffee bar. It really freed up a lot of space and it is a cute area on an empty wall.

I have to laugh when I see all the colors someone painted the walls. Yellow, green and blue. Something I will be changing soon!

A few things of note in this photo… both kitchen lights have to go. The one over the stove and the stained glass one over the sink does not go with what I have in mind so I will be changing them out. I want the inside of my home to be “modern farmhouse.” If I remove the back door (you can see it on the left side of the photo) I will be able to build a pantry in that space. AND, don’t look now but there are forks, knives and spoons for cabinet pulls.

Even though emotionally it is hard to be taking this journey I am excited as I see things starting to change. It is so dark inside this home so I think I need to tackle the light situation next!

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