How to paint a VERY high wall

True confession time. I, too, run into times where I am not sure of the best way to handle a situation. I look it up on the internet, ask a friend (who also happens to be a handyman), or go on a trip and forget that said problem is waiting for an answer.

Boston, MA

To be totally honest … it was about a full year that my upstairs great room sat unfinished.

My options were to get scaffolding for the stairs, buy or rent a “Little Giant” ladder, or use an extension pole. I chose to try a 16 foot extension pole, with a “Shur-line” Edger Pro, and a paint roller. My logic?  What is the worse case scenario? I mess up and get paint on something that will need to be fixed. I am no worse off than I am right now!

I could not take another moment of it not being finished!

I started to cut in using the Shur-line Edger pro, and because I read the complaints, I watched that I didn’t get paint on the top edge. I had to take the pad off 2 times during the project and really clean the plastic holder. When you see the amount that I had to cut in with the pad, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

I ordered a Homeright Paint Stick, but I had a roller and an extension pole so I decided to go for it and started to paint. It was far easier than I thought it would be and was able to finish in one afternoon. Why did I wait so long?!

One word … Fear.

I almost let fear stop me from having a completed room that I am in love with and a sense of accomplishment that goes along with it. The funny in all of this? Mr Man was gone when I did it over a week ago and still has not noticed! Hahahahaha. I guess it only bothered me!

Now to find the fresh air return cover and install it! Where oh where did I put it?


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