Bake Sale Stand for Christmas

My granddaughter loves to bake and has been having small bake sales in the summer with her next door neighbor. I love going to them, not just for the baked goods, but it is a fun way to meet the neighbors and enjoy the sunshine.

Why am I writing about this now? Guess what some “Little” got as a Christmas present this year?!

There is pretty much nothing I wouldn’t do for my grand babies if it is within my power. So when this little and her friend, were asking me what they wanted me to build, this idea started to form in my head.

She is tall for her age right now so I needed to make sure that it wouldn’t be too short. I watched her as she stood next to my dining room table and measured it when she walked away. I decided to make the stand 3 feet tall. I used cedar fence boards as they seemed rustic and I could buy them in 6 foot lengths to cut in half. I cut the dog ears on the bottom halves to match the tops. I love the look of white wash so that is how I painted half the boards. (It is about 1/2 paint to 1/2 water.) It depends on my mood and what look I am trying to achieve.

I heard about another new way to add color to things from Debbie Doo’s. Let me just tell you how special she is to me. Not only does she have innovative new ideas, but she helped me when I was first starting this blog thing. I owe her for being so so kind. I wanted to try dying wood ever since I read about it and this seemed like the perfect time to try it out. I wanted to use yellow Rit Dye on the other 1/2 of the boards I was using.

I had this brainy idea, to add legs to one side and wheels to the other side, to make it easier to move from the garage to the yard but the idea was better than the execution. It became quite tippy and that would not work! I had visions of baked goods falling to the ground and girls trapped underneath. Needless to say, wheels have been removed!

I whitewashed a 1x12x10 board and cut it in 1/2 to make it 5 foot in length. Enough room to show those cookies and cupcakes at their best. I attached the fence pickets at the top and bottom but I made sure to recess the top shelf down to the notch to make sure nothing was slid off the front.

1x3x6 boards were dyed yellow and attached to the sides to hold the sign that I made out of the last  white washed fence picket. I hand wrote the “Bake Sale” and hung it on a slight slant to make it look more like a child made it. It seemed plain so I made a pennant from scrap material that had a spring/summer theme. I made a pattern from cardboard to make it easier to cut them uniformly.

I wanted to have it remain more rustic so I used twine to attach them to the stand.

I hot glued the inside to the twine so they would not come off. Briefly thought I would sew them.

Did I mention … briefly?! Hee Hee

I threw a large blanket over the top to hide until the Big Reveal …

“Christmas morning”

Yes, I also made a sandwich sign to go with it. That is a whole other post!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing “joy” on her face.


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  1. Debbie Manno

    January 22, 2017 at 5:57 PM

    OH my cute is that! It turned out perfect. Isn’t so easy to use dye on wood. I love the process. Thanks Bj..for the shout out and your kind words as well. It was my pleasure helping you back in the day. XO Your granddaughter is a doll face.

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