Making a Growth Chart Ruler

Somethings that I make, are super easy and fast and this is definitely one of those things! (Which is why it is surprising that it took me so long to make it for my daughter as she has been wanting one for about a year now.)  This Christmas, I made most of my gifts and included this fun project.

It is super cold here in Minnesota, so I do a lot of my work in my basement which might look crazy to some of you, but it’s warm, I can watch the Hallmark channel, AND work on fun.

You can find ideas all over the web by those who have done them but I knew I just wanted something simple so no pattern was needed. I had a 1x6x6 1/2 foot board that I wasn’t using, left over from another project, so I sanded down the board and stained it. I used a gel stain so there was less mess.

I measured the board starting at 1 foot because that is how high I will hang it off the ground. I used a Sharpie to make my marks.

I used a stencil I had to paint “Watch Gracie Grow”. I had been making marks on my wall that I used as measurements to mark on the board. I wanted to attach the paint pen that I used to the board so she could be consistent with what was started. I used twine and a small screw to attach it to the top and let it hang down the side.

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