One hour (or less) lighting project!

My bedroom, like most, needed reading light and I was NOT going to use bedside lamps! I want the light where I can use it. Not, leaning way over to the lamp on the nightstand where my back is sure to get a kink. Ask me how I know about that! Ouch!

I wanted to mount them where I would not leave them when I moved and since our bed happens to be BIG, if I mounted them to the wall, someone else would have to deal with either moving them to accommodate their bed size or remove them all together. I am going to attach them to my bed!

I ran to Ikea to find 2 lights that I could use and found these beauties.

Here is the easy part! Measure down how far you want the lights to be attached and duplicate it on both sides. I used my power screw driver to attach the mounts and then all I had to do was slide the lights onto them. SOOOOO easy!

I even incorporated the other “Joy” to help! She turned the light on for me to make sure it worked 😉

Master Bed3

Don’t you just love little hands?! Even the left over polish on the thumb nail!

“Houston, We have lift off!”

One for each side with their own on/off switch!

And …. now to kick back and enjoy some TV.

VERY easy and QUICK!

You have time to do something fast like this, with your extra hour of daylight savings time!


Happy Autumn!



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