Guest post from Sharon Hines, author of “Creating Success at Home”

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BJ has hit the nail on the head with her tagline “Finding joy in my DIY journey.” Most of us want to skip to the end and move on to the next project when really there is so much reward in the journey itself.


Appreciating that journey requires the right mindset, which BJ obviously has. When I think of BJ, her home and her blog, I think “delightful,” “joyful,” “pleasant” and “nice.” Isn’t that a great way to approach life?


I’m reminded of this quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder, “Home is the nicest word there is.”  I think about what it must be like for BJ’s granddaughter who gets to enjoy the under-the-stairs playhouse built just for her, and everyone else who lives in or visits BJ’s home, and how they must realize the truth in that statement.


But, I also know that not everyone feels that way about home.


I’m helping to plan my 30 year high school reunion this Summer. Once we created a Facebook group for all of our old school friends, people began to reconnect and share. Some shared stories of hard home lives and going down dark roads in life and how that they overcame to create pretty good lives for themselves. But one person spoke up and said, “Not everyone just gets over what happened in their childhood.”


Unfortunately, my classmate is right. Not everyone moves on. Not everyone starts new or builds a better life. I don’t know what happened to her as a child, but I do believe that we were created to overcome and that “greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.” In other words, God is for us. As a friend of mine often says, “God is for our joy.”


Because of my faith and because I believe that our homes are so foundational in shaping our lives, I took the opportunity to tell some students to whom I was speaking that if there is something they do not like about their current home life, then they can make a change as adults in their own homes.


BJ actually touched on this very idea in her post “When a Parent Moves In.”  She mentioned not quite fitting in with her family in her childhood home. BJ went on to say that she found ways to work through her feelings and develop a good relationship with her parents.


Our childhood homes have such an impact on who we become in life, for better or worse. And, just like I told those teenagers, we really do have the ability to choose “better” which makes me so proud of BJ as I follow along with Joy 2 Journey. She has created what I call success at home.


Thank you Sharon for the kind words. I learned a lot about making a house a home, and for me, here were 3 things that stood out the most for me in your book.

  1. “The Dish Towel” – You will have to read about it in her book! She is right in that it is all about the waiting, and the everyday, that make the special times that much sweeter.
  2. In Chapter 25 – “Defining your style” for me means I don’t have a name for what my style is, and I am ok with that! I am casual but I like to be surrounded by things that I enjoy and make me smile. Whether it is photos of my family (I hold them dear to me) or a pig that my husband bought for me, as a surprise, that I had really wanted!


My style … and my pig 🙂

   3.  In Chapter 27 – “Overcoming Indecision” is what I have learned about myself over the years. If I have to think about it too long, I know it is something that I will regret buying. It is almost as if I am talking myself into it. BUT, if I fall in love and just have to have it … I will never regret the purchase.


Sharon was so sweet in agreeing to share a sample chapter!

You can click here to read it.

For one week, we are going to let those of you who want to win a copy of the book, comment below.

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  1. Sis

    March 7, 2016 at 9:09 AM

    I LOVE this!! And I would LOVE to win a copy of the book.
    Bj you ARE THE BEST and I thank God for bringing you into our lives!!

  2. Becky Epperson

    March 8, 2016 at 6:36 PM

    I love the thought of bringing “joy” to what is in your house. And all the projects you have shared. You are an inspiration BJ. I would enjoy this book and how it might help my “journey to joy”.

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