Making an Easy Patio Garden


My daughter and Miss G wanted to have a patio garden but space on their patio is limited. Fortunately they don’t have anything on it, so it allowed me to build them a small tiered garden.


Off to one of my favorite stores to get supplies #HomeDepot. I used 1×6 boards and 4×4 posts. Since this garden was going to be on her patio and not on ground I had to put a plywood base on it. No leaking all over the patio and into their garage!


I wanted to build as much as I could at my home, and as you know, my workshop is located on my driveway in good weather. I am sure my neighbors don’t even blink when they see me out with power tools anymore. The design was easy. 4 feet wide and 6 feet front to back. Easier to do math that way!


How do we get the patio garden to their home? Mr Man’s truck! He is such a great husband and is very patient with all my ideas. I thank God daily for him ♥


Set up happened fairly quickly and then to make sure there were no leaks I added a heavy plastic to line the bottom. I stapled it in to hold it in place. It can be removed later when they move to their new home.

(Coming soon … Sept 25th!)


And what was Miss Joy doing while we were working?

Hahaha, being a kid of course!


Soil added, seeds planted, and before you could blink, vegetables where sprouting. It was an amazing place to put the garden as it got a lot of sun and was easy for her to water being right outside of her front door.


I think, one of the most fun things for kids to see is the plants as they start to grow.

Knowing that the time and energy they have put into it, is worth something!


Little visitors may even come to visit from time to time …

Do you see them?

Look closely.

There are two!


I asked the girls to send me a photo of how the garden was doing and they sent me this.

Looks like someone has a green thumb.


Since this photo was taken they have a few pumpkins and gourds ripening on the vine, tomatoes that she is giving away to me (who knew that she wouldn’t eat them!), beans, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, and fresh basil. I say all this to really say, It is amazing at how much bounty you can get out of this small space!

Hope this inspires you to make one of your own!



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  1. Sis

    August 30, 2015 at 10:41 PM

    That’s awesome !! Wish I was there to help eat the bounty !! Good job to all !! ❤️

  2. Joy2Journey

    September 4, 2015 at 9:47 AM


    You are welcome anytime! There may not be any bounty though. Our tummies are getting full of bounty.

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