Homemade Natural Dog Treats



When Miss “G” comes over for our weekly sleepover, a fun activity we enjoy, is baking.

Not such a good idea for my waist line!

Not wanting to stop an activity that is so fun for us to do together,  I wondered what we could make that we could use up every week.

Enter, my dog Paxton, and her dog Pinker.

They love treats and they eat them daily … and I had a recipe that we could try!

Of course I bought two bone cookie cutters and found an easy recipe.


Below is the recipe that we use and the dogs LOVE!



I have pinned (on Pinterest) other dog treat recipes that I have tried, or will try. You can check out my Pinterest board [here] and

please feel free to share your dog treat recipes with me. I would love to pin them on my board and share them with others!



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