In less than a week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and this year we have more than normal to be thankful for …

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We came out to California (both Mr Man and I were born and raised here) to visit my mom and our two youngest girls. It is almost too hard to remember why we came out. It seems like so long ago, although it has been just under two weeks. We hadn’t seen the girls in a while and my mom needed some help around her home … Think chores 🙂 We had quite a list, but we were able to complete it between seeing family and friends.

It was on our last night here in California that our youngest blacked out and had a seizure. She was rushed to the ER, a brain bleed was suspected, and she was taken to a hospital an hour away where they had a neurosurgeon that would be able to see her right away. It was a long, long night and the diagnosis was a tumor on the brain, attached to the main vein that goes down the back of the head. The good news, in that moment, was that it was thought to be benign. She would be an “add on” surgery and the Surgeon was hoping it would happen the following day. It was a day of talking, crying, well wishes, and prayers going up for her surgery and recovery.

Tuesday, was a day of waiting … not knowing if and when her surgery would be. The minutes slowly ticked by and time was being drug ahead by the second hand. It was a day of wanting to do nothing but cry but needing to be strong for someone so young to be facing this surgery. I the afternoon she needed to move around, as she was stiff in bed, so I sent her on a walk around the floor with a family member. Within minutes, the room was filled with people and the flurry of getting things ready for her departure to surgery in 10 min.  I guess when a spot opens up, there is not much warning! She came back from her walk and was given the news that she would be taken into the OR prep room and in 30 minutes would enter into her surgery.


We were told to expect it to take 2 hours as the Neurosurgeon said he was “neurotically careful”. I liked hearing that, but when we were almost 3 hours of waiting I found myself getting nauseous and praying there was not a complication. It’s amazing what horrible things our minds can dream up! The surgeon met with the 4 of us who had been with her on this journey and told us the great news. He was successful in removing all that he could see. Now the healing would begin!!!

I was not prepared for the healing process, as all I could think about was getting her the medical help she needed. She is in pain and sleeping a lot, she has a drain coming out of the incision to relieve the brain of pressure that could build up, and there is quite the scar that someday will be covered up with hair again.


I spent the night with her in her room and I woke up early. So as I am typing, I am watching ‘Sleeping Beauty’ sleep and feeling so thankful! It was amazing to watch her get exceptional care for the time we knew there was a problem until now. The neurosurgeon was skilled and comforting in his knowledge of her tumor. We were able to have 4 close family members here so that there has never been a time that she has had to be alone. It was a blessing to Mr Man and I, to be out here in California at this precise time. Our bosses have been supportive of us needing to take extra time off and not having to worry about that piece of our lives. We have felt supported through prayers, texts, phone calls, and even Facebook.

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and our hearts are thankful for this outcome. We pray that you and your family have much to be thankful for as well!


 Bj and Mr Man

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  1. Bliss

    November 22, 2013 at 8:10 AM

    Strange to say it was a blessing that you were there for the bad news, but it was. News like that is that much worse with distance between people. Unfortunately we are no strangers to brain tumors at our home, and the news sort of takes a big bite out of ‘ya. You have a thankful Thanksgiving never to be forgotten.

  2. Eilis@my-heart-lives-here.blogspot

    December 3, 2013 at 9:52 PM

    For some reason you and your blog crossed my mind today. I was thinking that I hadn’t read any of your posts in a long time. So I checked in.
    I didn’t expect to read this post, but it sounds like your daughter is getting wonderful care. God sure put you (physically) where you needed to be at that moment in time. I will be praying for you and for your daughter’s healing.

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