J … Japanese Maple


J … Japanese Maple


I have wanted to buy one for my yard since I saw it in a garden at “The House on the Rock” in Wisconsin, last summer.

Have you seen one? Delicate, breezy looking, and red vibrant color.

I was in love at first look!


Hang on … I will find you a picture 🙂


Japanese Maple Tree

What I learned …

  1. I want the dwarf variety and think ‘Fireglow’ is the one I want.
  2. These trees thrive in warmer climates but you can find varieties that will do fine in colder climates. (I did see it in Wisconsin after all!)
  3. I want to plant it by Miss Precious playhouse (the one I am building her this summer)
  4. I need to research it more, before I buy one, to make sure it will survive our winters.


For those of you who are really into plants and their botanical names I am including the information below. Me? I read blah, blah, blah.

‘Fireglow ‘Japanese Maple is all I need to know 🙂


Hugs and a BIG thank you to Mr Man for covering for me yesterday while I took medicine and went to sleep!

I Love that man!!!


Bloodgood’ 5-7 meters, upright red palmatum
‘Chikumano’ 3-5 meters, wide spreading palmatum deep, rich dark purple red, orange in fall, medium sized tree of spreading habit
‘Fireglow’ 4-5 meters, upright red palmatum
‘Italy Red’ 3-4 meters, upright red palmatum, description: This plant is very similar to ‘Bloodgood’ in leaf and habit except that it is slower growing and only reaches half its size. ‘Italy Red’ is very sturdy, tolerates wind and sun, and eventually forms a small upright tree up to 3 meters tall. It is worth considering for gardens in which ‘Bloodgood’ would be too large. It is thought to have been received from an Italian source, hence its name. This cultivar has also been misspelled ‘Haly Red.’ 
(This one may best fit a dwarf ‘Bloodgood.’)
‘Curtis Strapleaf’ 3-4 meters upright red linearilobum
‘Ko murasaki’ 3-5 meters, upright red matsumurae
‘Nigrum’ 4-6 meters, upright red palmatum
‘O kagami’ 4-6 meters, upright red palmatum
‘Shojo’ 2-4 meters, upright red matsumurae
‘Sumi nagashi’ 4-6 meters, upright red matsumurae ‘The Bishop’ 4-6 meters, upright red palmatum
‘Tsukushi gata’ 4-6 meters, wide red amoenum
‘Vandermoss Red’ 4-6 meters, upright red matsumurae

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