10 minute gift idea!



 (My daughter had to take the final picture … I forgot!)

My amazing daughter and her husband had an anniversary and I wanted to try to make a gift that I found on Pinterest. It was an interesting idea and something simple and crafty is just up my alley!



Supplies needed …

1. Art canvas – any size you choose

2. Raised letters ( I bought mine from #Michaels)

3. Decoration of your choice

4. Pencil, ruler, and hot glue gun

5. Spray Paint

I thought about what I wanted it to look like … names, wedding date, and placement. I drew lines with a pencil and ruler to make sure that I kept it straight! The letters that I chose had adhesive on the back but they didn’t really stick firmly and the last thing that I wanted, was to hand her the gift and have it fall apart before her eyes. I grabbed my hot glue gun to make sure these letters were not going anywhere.


Once the letters and the wedding cake that I chose were in place, I used spray paint to cover everything.

(I had to paint it in a box indoors as it was cold outside)

I can prove it! 🙂


For those of you who have keen eye sight … you may have noticed that I had to change the year. Ooops!

I hope you all had a great weekend!




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