Decorating my “Fall” Porch

After being in California for 5 weeks, I am playing catch up before the snow flies here in Minnesota. The ceremonial “Raking of the Leaves” happened this past weekend … do you have that ceremony where you live?

We only have 1/2 the leaves on the ground, so there is more raking in my future 🙂 I took this next picture just as the wind picked up … you can see it raining leaves. Do I dare tell you that I took the leaf blower and pointed it up, to get more leaves off the trees? I am sure the neighbors were laughing!

My fun for the day was getting out the things I needed to decorate the front porch. Autumn is here, it is the beginning of the holidays, and I am in “nesting mode”. I am already adding to my Christmas gift closet. LOL Don’t be a hater … It actually helps me, so that I don’t go into debt in December!

Back to Autumn and my front porch … I bought this wreath at Michaels a couple years ago on sale and it is always the first thing I hang.

I had to include this picture as that adorable dog of mine is looking through the side window at me. Putting his nose prints on the window I am sure.

The blue door that I painted this summer??? …  I not sure that I like the color with these Autumn colors. Hmmm. What do you think?

Soon I will be turning my heart inside my home, but I am enjoying the Fall as long as possible and I hope that you are enjoying it too! Have a wonderful October! 


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