Do you Use Twitter?

Do you like to follow people on Twitter? I myself NEVER in a million years thought that I would be on Twitter making “Tweets”. I even have a handle (which just means I have a name) The things you learn in a hotel in downtown Des Moines, Iowa! Mr Man had work down here and I took a day off work to come with him and do nothing but learn blog stuff. (Don’t you like my technical term? LOL)

Here is my learning center (Hee Hee)

learning station

Essential learning tools: Starbucks Frappe, calendar, Blog notebook, pen, phone, and yes … cheaters (glasses for up close). Check, Check!

Also essential for learning … a boring view.

Hotel, view

Overcast, rooftop with mechanical stuff, parking lot … Check, check! (LOL, maybe the hotel would not like that printed in a blog? No names are being used to protect the innocent them.  🙂 )

Today I am learning all I can about Twitter 

Their logo … for those of you, who have seen this bird, but not known what it was …

One resource that I am using is Since they are THE company I thought that they should be the first resource to go to. Smart, right?! Here is the short version …

1. They show you around their site not only through words but by watching short videos is you choose.

2. They give you links to other sites to decorate your “Home page” if you don’t like what they offer. (I chose to find something different, because that is how I roll, and to try it out for practice).

twitter page

I chose this background for these reasons … I live in Minnesota and LOVE the snow. The red berries on the tree really pop and I think red and gray are my new favorite colors at the moment. I may have to change the background color on my new blog button now that I am looking at it 🙂 Later!

3. They offer help topics

All of which were a must read for me!

4. They show you how to use Twitter with your Blog, Hometalk, or Facebook page and the steps to take to connect them together. (I am still working on the Facebook page connecting part! UGH!!!)

The 2nd resource that was recommended to read was Funky Junk’s “3 Ways to use Twitter”

1. I learned all about TweetDeck and the ways you can use it to organize your list of interests. It can be tailored to what you want. If you like organization you will love this tool.

2. I learned about TweetChat and why I would love to have this feature. For anyone who will be chatting about  just “one subject” … this is a must have! I will be using it soon with fellow bloggers and I am so EXCITED!!! (Can you tell? LOL)

My handle? It is @joy2journey

Follow @Joy2Journey

See you at the Twitter party!

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