A Room to Inspire me …

Do you have that one special room in your home that says … “This is me and this is what I am about”? A room that you designed and decorated in just the way you wanted? One that can be quiet to think, to dream, to find inspiration? I am very blessed to have such a room. 
The chair in the corner by the piano? My fave! This room was dubbed the “White Room” by my children many years ago when they were young and that is still the name it goes by today. Memories … too many to count, were made around this furniture. If I sit still and daydream, I can still hear the young voices that accompany those memories!
Let me show you around …
A piano … that has had so many little hands playing the keys. It is opened and ready to play when family comes to visit. Above it are family pictures to keep loved ones close in heart even though there are many miles separate us.
Miss Precious loves to play random notes and we sing songs as though she is actually playing a tune. She now instructs us which song to sing before she starts 🙂
Candles are a must for me! I have them over the fireplace, on the floor, on the coffee table and end table, and even this larger one by the stairs. I love the mood that they create. My new favorite fragrance is Fireside.
I fill the room with things that I love and make me feel as though this is not just a house but “My Home”. I fill it with things that will help the room say what I want it to say …
“Relax, Stay awhile, Think, Dream, Reflect”

My favorite room will never stuffy, with no room for play.  I want life to be experienced here, so that as I come into it, I am reminded of the people who have been here. 
I am so glad that you stopped by and shared my favorite room with me. Stop by anytime you have a chance! You are ALWAYS welcome 🙂
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  1. Sandra Harriette

    September 9, 2012 at 7:51 PM

    This is such a cozy, clean place. Thank you for sharing. I definitely got the sense of the warm, loving spirit that you feel in this room.


    September 13, 2012 at 7:38 PM

    Thank you Sandra!

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