The “Sunshine Award”

I was recently nominated for The Sunshine Award by my bloggy friend Kathryn over at Uglyducklingtransformations. Thank you so much Kathryn. I cannot tell you how much I love to see what you transform or create. I just have to share a couple of my favorite things that you have done recently …

The table is my fave and the music pinwheels are so adorable. I am in LOVE!
Now why didn’t I think to make something like this? Kathryn inspires me to try to recreate what she has already done 🙂 and if she lived closer I would probably buy the original!

The Sunshine Award promotes bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the Blogsphere! To be worthy, one must answer ten questions so others can know a little more about you and pass along the award to ten other bloggers. (Worthy huh? LOL)

Here are a few things you might be surprised to know about me …

1.  Favorite color? Green! as in a Sage Green. Something like this … it happens to be a piece that I am in love with but cannot afford! 🙂

2.  Favorite animal? An otter! They have so much fun and they do not have any natural enemies!!! What can be better than that? 🙂 (I think I would like to be the gray one!)
3.  Favorite number? I don’t know why … but I have always loved the number 6!
4.  Favorite drink?  Coke Classic (I don’t drink coffee so this is my caffeine) 🙂
5.  Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
6.  Good book or good movie? Both … for different reasons. 
     I am an avid reader and love the feel of a book in my hands. I also love that I can bookmark the page I am on, and then see how far I am into the book. These were the last books I read. It is a trilogy but only the first two are out at this moment …
Thank you Amazing Daughter 🙂
 I love movies because I love to see someone’s interpretation of a story. There is rarely a movie I don’t like. (No scary movies for me though … thank you very much!) The last movie I saw was “Mirror, Mirror” with Julia Roberts.
7.  My passion?  Well you wouldn’t guess my answer to this question … I love helping people with obstacles in their lives. Stephen’s Ministry is a really great way to help in being there for others. (I know you thought it would be DIY related … that is my second passion in life)

8.  Giving or getting presents?  Both 🙂 (Just being honest)

9.  Favorite day?  Thursday’s. It is a shorter day at work, it is my Friday (Which means I have Friday – Monday off), and I have a phone date with my dad each week on Thursday.

10. Favorite flower? Daisy! They are so light and cheerful.

I would love to pass on this award to some fabulous women who have been so inspiring to me. Your creativity, kindness and support is so appreciated!!

My nominees are …

1. Joy at A Vintage Green – I love looking at her photos of days gone by. Her vintage finds are just great for the imagination and what life must have been like.
2. Joey and Lisa at Paintbrush & Screwdriver – I love this husband and wife team and even though they are new to the blog scene … they are the ones to watch!
3. Gwen at The Bold Abode – Her writing style makes me LOL. I am not kidding! If this lady doesn’t bring a smile to your face …. I don’t know what would!
4. Robin at Its Robin with an i – I have missed her blog posts but she is back so go check her out and what she has been busy with!
5. Misti at Living on Cypress Hill – She shared a Bear and a Chair that I featured a few weeks ago. I am still thinking about it. So simple and so sweet!
6. Brooke at Get Outta My Head {Please} – It you need blog help I would highly recommend this lady! She helped with mine and she has some pretty great ideas!
7. Kim at Savvy Southern Style – I love to see the Southern influence … especially since I live in the Northern Mid West.
8. Linda at It all started with paint – I connect with Linda when I read her blog posts. I thoroughly enjoy the way she writes!
9. Tonya at My Cozy Little Farmhouse – She has a great variety of things to share and this may be bad timing on my part to nominate now … my prayers are with you and your Mom and Dad. Hugs!!!
10. Sandra at Sawdust and Paper Scraps – This woman is nothing short of Amazing! Don’t believe me? Check out her blog and her To – Do List that she recently made. She will inspire you like no other!!!! 
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