“Y” is for Yard … Tis the season!

Y … is for Yard 🙂

Ahhh, summer time. Don’t you just love that it is coming? Back yard barbecues, the hum of lawn mowers, and the smell of newly cut grass. Kids staying out late and playing Hide and Seek in the dark.  It is also the time when decks get redone, driveways resurfaced, and yards get new landscapes. LOL, these are all on my list this year! We are putting in a new Fire pit and patio. 

The fire pit is going to go where the platform bird feeder is in this picture 🙂

That last picture was just for fun 🙂

It seems EVERYBODY has round fire pits. I, am someone who always wants to do it a bit different. Here is the fire pit that we bought …

Without the grate 🙂 So what are you doing to your “yard” this year???


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