“X” is for X-ray? LOL

X … is for X-ray.

I don’t think I can work on any project without getting at least a scratch. What is up with that?!

I was putting in a new vinyl floor in my bathroom, when I got these boo boo’s 🙂

So what is my point here? As a DIY’er, it is going to happen at some point, it will, and it is important to keep the accidents small.

This was me, after I  lifted a sheet of plywood that sliced me when it fell. You can read more about that {here}

Thankfully, I didn’t need X-rays but let me tell you … the pain was one of the worst that I have ever experienced. Numbing and 4 stitches later … this is what I looked like. 

Seriously, I try to really pay attention to what I am doing. Where the cords are on tools… where I am walking … and staying in the moment. Keeping my boo boo’s to only needing a bandaid!
Hugs and have a great Friday!

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