“O” is for Opinion … “Who doesn’t have one?”

O … is for Opinion
I have been known to have an opinion or two in my lifetime, but I try to only give it when asked of me. I do know what I like and anything that gives me pause is usually not a good thing for me to do, buy, or share. It is with age and learning about myself, that I come to this conclusion.
Maturing also has me asking for “other’s opinions” as I now know, I do not know it all! *giggle* (Bet my mom would love to have a copy of this for posterity.) Case in point … I have a dining room that has all windows facing Southeast. My husband loves the “no curtain, I love to look out at the unobstructed view.” I on the other hand cringe at the sun beating in on the hardwood floor and the furniture. I do have a large area rug over the wood and I did put a film on the windows to cut the Sun’s rays from damaging anything inside the house but it still feels unfinished … 
As you can tell by the window on the right in the dining room picture… I did put something up on those windows. The reason? My home has a Great Room and I wanted the spaces to have their own feel. We call this one … The White Room. 
Hey, Paxton is sleeping on the floor. See him? Ah, I love that dog! I have been looking for opinions on a paint color for this Great Room area. I know I want Gray. Light Gray. Pure Gray or maybe a Brown gray like Sandalwood? My problem is how to find the right shade. They all look so different, and yet they all look the same. Ack!!! 
Have a great Tuesday!
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  1. Bliss

    April 16, 2012 at 9:07 PM

    I’m the wrong one to ask about paint color. Opinions yes, just not on paint. Cuz you know the only people that don’t have opinions are the ones with out an……


  2. SharleneT

    April 16, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    Hello, fellow Challenger. I, too, wrote on Opinions. Hee Hee. Room color is one of those things that is best left to the painter! I love the sandalwood idea, but that’s such a tricky color. If not done right, it can be very dark. Beautiful dining room, too.

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