“O” is for Opinion … “Who doesn’t have one?”

O … is for Opinion
I have been known to have an opinion or two in my lifetime, but I try to only give it when asked of me. I do know what I like and anything that gives me pause is usually not a good thing for me to do, buy, or share. It is with age and learning about myself, that I come to this conclusion.
Maturing also has me asking for “other’s opinions” as I now know, I do not know it all! *giggle* (Bet my mom would love to have a copy of this for posterity.) Case in point … I have a dining room that has all windows facing Southeast. My husband loves the “no curtain, I love to look out at the unobstructed view.” I on the other hand cringe at the sun beating in on the hardwood floor and the furniture. I do have a large area rug over the wood and I did put a film on the windows to cut the Sun’s rays from damaging anything inside the house but it still feels unfinished … 
As you can tell by the window on the right in the dining room picture… I did put something up on those windows. The reason? My home has a Great Room and I wanted the spaces to have their own feel. We call this one … The White Room. 
Hey, Paxton is sleeping on the floor. See him? Ah, I love that dog! I have been looking for opinions on a paint color for this Great Room area. I know I want Gray. Light Gray. Pure Gray or maybe a Brown gray like Sandalwood? My problem is how to find the right shade. They all look so different, and yet they all look the same. Ack!!! 
Have a great Tuesday!
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