Today is “Thankful Thursday” and today I struggle with even wanting to write about being Thankful.  Ever have those days? A day that it seems that all goes wrong and no matter what you do … it keeps going wrong? That was my day!

I came home and vented to Mr Man. Yes, “THANK God for Mr. Man! He loves me, listens to me, holds me, and assures me that everything will turn out the way it should.  He moved here to Minnesota just to be my husband. How does it get any better than that?!  I love this man!

 I talked to my Amazing Daughter and Miss Precious, yes, “THANK” God for those special ones who bring a smile to my face and make my life worthwhile. In fact, the bright spot of my day was an early morning phone call from my AD because Miss Precious wanted to talk to me.  Me!

(please excuse my “no makeup” in this picture)

I read some blogs tonight and connected with the love and passion of someone using their talents. That totally gives me energy! I love looking at new ideas and seeing what they accomplished. “THANK” God for  hobbies, and talents, and wonderful women who share them! My favorite read tonight was from … At The Picket Fence. Seriously, these girls have talent and I love to read what they are up too. Great job Heather!

I even got a “I Love You” text from my sister in law who I call my “sister friend”. It sounds so much better don’t you think? Just because she was thinking of me. “Thank” God for family who care about me when I am feeling low …. Love you girl!

I guess I do have things to be thankful for … even after a hard day! 🙂

The trick is to focus on the things that I am “Thankful” for!

Hugs to you and yours and I pray you have a “Thankful Thursday”,

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