“Sunday Stop” Party …

Hi 🙂

I was preempted by Mr. Man who knew that I would build him a shelf for his NEW Studio. A.K.A., our office. I was booted out to this corner in the basement …

In actuality, I offered to move my desk out so that Mr. Man could do what he wanted to do with the space. It is totally his project and except for building the shelf, I left him to finish his Studio. No worries. I have ideas for my “new office area” too but I have to finish other things first.
This is was the beginning of the project …

My desk used to be under the window on the left. It was a dry wall ledge and if Mr Man was going to put anything on it (you know he will!) it needed protection. I took measurements and off to Home Depot he went. (I am not affiliated with them in any way except to shop there)

Can I quickly remind you how cold it is in Minnesota this time of year?! Yes, that is snow on the ground behind me. Brrr.  Mr. Dog kept me company outside anyway. So loyal!!!

I just know my neighbors are wondering  … What. The. Heck? Lots of work going on at our home this winter 🙂

And After I installed the shelf …

Mr. Man is still working on his area so when he gets finished … he can do a guest blog to let us know what he was up too.

Lets Party shall we?

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