Lake Home & Cabin Show

Mr. Man and I were at the Lake Home & Cabin Show doing some dreaming and it was good thing I had tissues for all my drool! I thought it would be fun to share some pics of what we saw. (Sorry about the quality  of the photos … all I had was my phone) I was never a Girl Scout! {wasn’t the motto, Be prepared?} Hmmm, or was that Boy Scouts? Both?

Minneapolis Convention Center

I LOVED this! It wasn’t for sale and I probably couldn’t afford it anyway. Good thing I had that tissue! 🙂
This time for my tears!

This was so cute. A small outbuilding to sleep in, with room for a table, to put on property for a place to stay on a weekend … the steps are storage! 
Fire and Water seems to be the thing …

A REAL Skunk … Ack!
Opossum …
I talked to the woman who was with this exhibit and she explained that all these animals had issues and could not be let out into the wild for their protection. Case in point … the hawk below only has one eye.
He was a magnificent bird!

The Bobcat scared me to death! He was loose. But not real … stuffed! Whew 🙂
Then Mr Man and I went to lunch … and had fun dreaming together!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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