20 Things to Know about Me :)

Yup, I need another day to get this stinkin amazing Murphy Bed finished. I am up to my armpits in Mod Podge, from the decoupage treatment that I am doing on it. Please shoot me now!

Anyway, since I am sure that you are waiting with bated breath … hang on … I am going to check and see what that really means!

According to Dictionary.com it means …

Main Entry:    bated breath
Part of Speech:    n
Definition:    the condition of waiting for something tohappen; subdued breathing due to highemotions
Example:    With bated breath, they went to the mailboxevery day.
Etymology:    1933; based on bate meaning ‘to moderate,restrain’

Dictionary.com’s 21st Century Lexicon
Copyright © 2003-2012 Dictionary.com, LLC 

Ok, it means what I thought it did *giggle* (Cue the crickets)

Any Hoo, I thought I would share “20 quick things you don’t know about me” …

1. In my view, Toilet paper should ALWAYS come from over the top.    

2. For about 10 years, after moving here, I finally figured out why our baseball team is called the “Twins”. (We were named after the Twin Cities)

3. T-Shirts and towels are only folded by me in this house. I guess I have a need to have them looking a certain way. No judgements people 🙂

4. I am deathly afraid of dogs! Other people’s dogs.

5. If … I won the lottery … I would not work outside the home anymore. (Is my boss reading this?)

6. I don’t play the lottery. (No worries boss 🙂 )

7. I was born a “Messie” and have worked hard ever since to have a system to stay organized.

8. I am the proverbial Early Bird. I crash and burn by 9 PM  

9. On trash day it is super duper important to me to get all the trash out. I mean all! I walk the house to make sure I have it all out.

10. I have been known to stay in jammies all day. Yup, today is one of those days.

11. I didn’t start building things, and realizing that I loved it, until my children were in Middle School.

12. The first thing I built? An Aviary for Finches that I had.

13. I donated it to the Middle School science Dept. (No birds were harmed in the transfer)

14. I learned to swim at the age of 30 because we were moving to the state of 10,000 lakes.

15. I am seriously rethinking  my idea to do this, but will finish it, because that is the way I roll.

16. To date, I have 4 adorable grandbabies.

17. I have more ideas of things I want to do, than money or the time to complete them anytime soon!
Oh, you too? LOL

18. I am totally in love with Mr. Man and even though we found each other later in life, I thank God daily that we did find each other!  

19. I found him on the Internet. (LOL, this post is now cracking me up!) But, seriously, it is true!

20. God, family, and friends mean the world to me! Thank you for stopping by.

Now, back to finishing up the Murphy Bed.


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