Tips for when You are DIYing!

I was working on a project and thinking about a future blog (I am thinking in blog style now!) when I realized that in all the years of doing things by myself, I learned to do things that help me as I work.

Tip One:

When I need more hands? This is what I use … Cardboard to hold things upright while I paint them.

From this …

to this …

I didn’t screw it all the way into the wall for two reasons.

1. I am going to paint a second coat.
2. I see dry wall on the upper Right that is showing. It was left long and I never noticed it when it was white. Easy, easy fix!

I remember when I was starting my search for all things paint, I stumbled on “Centsational Girl” who in my book who has to be the most amazing paint instructor I know. EVER. I took my white cold air return and spray painted it with Rust-Oleum Hammered look. If it didn’t look great, I could repaint it again later or get a new one.

Tip Two:

When taking screws out of light socket covers, light switch covers, or child outlet plugs for a specific room that you are painting … You can use “Ziploc” or something like it to hold everything, so nothing gets lost or misplaced. I am the worst so this helps me a lot!

Tip Three:

When something has to stay attached into the wall (in my case it is the telephone land line), I paint around it and then tuck it in the space until the paint has time to dry.

Not earth shattering tips, but if they can help someone …

Hope you had a great day!


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  1. Jessica

    January 30, 2012 at 11:22 PM

    Great tips! Another tip for keeping track of the screws to outlet or light switch covers is to take off the cover, then put the screw back in its hole. Just turn it a few times to hold it in place, then take it back out before you put the cover back. My mom taught me that one; I just wish she’d told me sooner.

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