Random Thoughts about life

I am back from a brief “I need to take some time” to …
1. Feel better – I slept a lot!
2. Find some Balance – I hope I find it soon!
3. Read Blogs of other DIY women
I am fortunate to have bounced back from a VERY sore throat that caused pain in my ear. I think most of the healing took place while I slept 🙂
I am trying to find balance. I know that blogging has a learning curve but Holy Hannah! I could spend hours on my Mac just figuring out nothing. And in return, accomplishing nothing on my most favorite thing to do … DIY projects.
I looked at, and read, so many wonderful blogs. I felt small in a sea of DIY women. Many, had amazing projects that I just had to comment on and follow. But while on my computer looking … I found a couple of pictures that brought back memories from a time in my childhood.
No, I did not grow up in a home like this, but every Sunday morning on our way to Church we would pass 3 homes that were in this same state or worse. My mom, sister, and I picked out our favorites and I found myself looking forward to seeing “my” home and dreaming about what I could do to make it better. Funny thing is, the child in me never worried that it was structurally unsound. It was the possibility of what it could look like that has always stayed with me. As time has passed and I have grown in knowledge and I am capable of doing more (and know that my projects are structurally sound 🙂 ), I still can see the possibilities. It did my soul good to come across this wonderful memory and now that I am feeling better I plan to get back out there and do what I LOVE to do.  In the mean time here are 2 other pictures taken of the same place … envision the possibility of this old wash house!

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