Indoor Dog Space … half way

My throat is KILLING me! What does this have to do with making an indoor space? Well, not feeling well had me sleeping more and not getting done what I planned. I was half way through when I realized I wanted to change something AND I still am not clear on what I want to do with my half wall. It’s killing me!

Let me just get to my weekend and show you what I was up too.

This is where I began …

I did not like this color! Ugh
I painted the walls a whole new color and put shelving together and I was ready to move ahead. First up for me was to make a half wall to create more of a space and yet maintain the openness that I wanted.

Side note: Very important to make sure that it is square. Measure corner to corner diagonally and they both should measure the SAME! Then make sure that your studs are 16 inch on center.

I am keeping the carpet for the time being so I just cut it to fit the new wall. I plan to do something different later as white carpet is not condusive to high traffic areas. After I cut the carpet for the wall I used my power hammer and gun powder to nail it into the cement. One of the most fun things for me to do.

Side note: Wear ear plugs! It is incredibly loud 🙂

I attached this material to the wall.

Making sure the upper shelf is level and will be attached to the studs.

Up and ready (Mr. Man helped me lift it up and put it into place. Thank you Mr. Man! 🙂 )

Attached the plywood. Extended the socket so that the cover would fit on it. Mr. Dog wants to know when I am going to get this finished. LOL

Painted it white and then didn’t like the half wall wood so removed it. At this point I am frustrated and feeling like I am back at square one. It was getting late, feeling sick, and realizing that I was not going to get this finished today like I thought I would.

Then after installing the molding (now leaning on the left side) I realized that the primer on the inside plywood was not working for me. Doesn’t it just drive you nuts when it just doesn’t look right? Tell me that it isn’t just me! I had to figure out what to do about it. I decided on adding water to my paint and thinning it out so that I could brush it on and wipe it off. Like a stain. It now matches the wall but is a lighter shade.

So this is where it ended. I put up the hooks for his leashes and whatever else we throw up there. I just have to decorate and figure out the half wall thing. I hope to have this done by this next weekend so stay tuned. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Have a great week,


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  1. Bliss

    January 18, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    Good Lord Joy, I’m sick too and sure don’t have the energy to do anything more than read about all the work you are doing for Mr. Dog. What’s it take to keep you down?


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