The Messies and a whole NEW idea!

Seriously, I think Mr. Man and all the other husbands who put up with us DIY women should get a medal for all they have to put up with. In my case it is, “Honey, guess what I just did?!” and the MESS they have to put up with as things are being constructed. What amazing men they are!

Soooo, I thought since the year of 2012 is the ‘Year of Finishing’, I should start on the mess downstairs in the basement from constructing the Playhouse. It started out looking like this today ….

Since it is winter, and cold outside, I used a table that I am going to refinish (at some point), sawhorses, and even Mr. Dog’s kennel. I finished his kennel area and then my mind started to create.

I just can’t help it!!! The problem is, we refuse to spend any more money on nice expensive kennel beds for him to chew and tear up. I feel bad for him though, because he slips every time he tries to stand up. I was feeling like a horrible, horrible Mom. Think, think, think! We do have a small indoor/out door rug that I could cut and Power Glue!

I know right?! How easy and it is done in 10 min. My kind of project!!

And look at how happy he is 🙂 Doesn’t that just make you smile?

Um, Now for the NEW idea …. fortunately Mr Man is on board for this and he is not reminding me that I have a couple of other things to finish. So my idea is to make this Mr. Dog’s space. I have such cool ideas running around in my head of what it will look like! So … Hang on …. Here we go again! LOL

Have a great weekend.


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