Liebster Blog Award

This week I was given the

award from Patricia Ann

Thank you!!

This award gives me an opportunity to introduce 5 newish bloggers

that I enjoy following.

1. A Step in the Journey – I simply love this blog with all it’s variety and the way it draws me in … I love it!

She is so going to kill me for this pic but come on! Who’s house looks great all the time. Yup, I love this blog!
2. AKM Designs and Delights – I love to see someone take something so ugly and make it into something beautiful. Probably because I have some work to do on something yucky in my home.

3.  A Place 2 Call Home – She has a great sense of style and to see the room transformation was fun. She also had a mudroom redo and others. Worth the time to check this one out! I am looking forward to seeing more of her work as she makes her house a home! This was her before picture. To see the after clink on her link.
4.  Fun to Funky I love this new blog that I found. Gift ideas for me to use and things that I can do that are not as involved as what I normally do. I could finish them “same day!” The Jar idea of memories is just so special and I am thinking that it would be fun to do every 5th year so that we could look back with the grandkids and remember that year.
5.  The Renouned Nest – I love this blog but wow, do I feel as if I have so much to learn! She has some very good ideas that I would like to explore more and implement in my home. A must see!


 Everyone of these ladies are amazing in their own right and I am in awe of their talent!

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