Happy New Year … 2012!

A fresh new start. That is how we all look at the New Year ahead of us. But in all reality, every day is that way for us if we so choose. Every day is a fresh start to change what we want to change or close the door behind us to things we should walk away from. I, like all of you, on New Year’s Eve look at the year ahead and so Mr. Man and I sat down to set our goals for the coming year. You know there is a saying that says,

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!

I think about that often as I plan my year ahead. I don’t always accomplish all I set out to do but I do make goals with the intent of being and doing better than I did the year behind me. I wax philosophical. It must be the music I am listening too. Hee Hee.

Back to goal setting … we talk about the new year in words that state how we see it. Not how we wish it were, but as if it is all ready accomplished. (Thanks to our pretend magic wand) Then we write the steps needed to make it happen. We also talk about how each other can help the other attain those steps. I write it all down. I don’t want to forget a word! 

One of my achievements at the end of 2012? Is being a better blogger. Thankfully, I just had an email that will help with that! If you are in need of blogging information you can find it here. I,  for one, will be reading the posts from others who have forged ahead of me and already learned the best ways to do it. 

I did something different this year … I gave myself a theme for the year. It has been proclaimed, “The Year of Finishing!” LOL I have a few projects that need some finishing touches to complete them and so before I start any new projects I am going to finish the existing ones. Have you been thinking about your year ahead and what it looks like for you? I would love you to share your thoughts with me. Feel free to send an email if you don’t want to comment below. Make this a GREAT Year!!!

*** One last thing before I sign off today. So far I have signed all my posts “Joy”. In reality that is my middle name and Miss Precious’ middle name too. Hence “joy2journey” My friends call me Bj and I would love it if you call that me too. So in all my future posts I will be signing off with…


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  1. Linda Anne Young

    January 3, 2012 at 7:15 PM

    I like your positive thoughts, and your “finishing theme”. So many things go on left undone, because I don’t set goals, plans and prioritize. Life sends us on detours too, but I think we have to forgive ourselves when we fail, and start over. Perfect time to begin again is “New Years” I wish you “Joy”, Bj

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