Such a wonderful season!

I am sitting here in the dark (except for the light of the computer screen … does that count?) I am enjoying just sitting here in the quietness and reflecting on this past weekend. So much happens during the 4 days of Thanksgiving weekend! We had Thanksgiving here with family, had Miss Precious for a sleepover, decorated the front entry …

We got the reindeer and sled out on the lawn with packages from Santa 🙂

Ok, now it can snow! Around here, the later it snows the more Christmas lights and decorations there will be. Crazy that we have just had one snow fall and it melted away so quickly. The neighborhood is lit with all the lights that went up over this past weekend 🙂 We drove around some neighborhoods and looked at Christmas lights. It’s a yearly tradition that I look forward to doing.

 We put up and decorated the tree. Don’t you love to look at some of the ornaments that have been around for such a long time? I think I can remember when I received each and every one of them!

Now to finish the shopping and wrapping! We also decorated the house and I finished the guest bathroom but will post that tomorrow when I get a chance. It is almost midnight here and I need sleep so that I can work on the Under the Stairs Playhouse that needs to completed by Christmas Eve.

I pray you all had a Thanksgiving full of new memories and this finds you enjoying the Holiday Season!


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