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I was cruising my favorite website …  and saw a pin of what I did in my room this past year. I thought I would show you my version which was inspired by Ikea.

This was the the one posted on  Pinterest …

Below, I have pictures that will show how to achieve this same look. Obviously you can take the ideas gathered and make one unique for yourself or do a knockoff version. I bought my curtain rods and sheer curtains from Ikea. I especially wanted sheers for two very important reasons. First, I wanted to be able to still see the ceiling as I love the way it steps along the sides and second, I have another saying on the wall. Jeesh, I wasn’t going to share that one! I don’t want you all to think I have nothing but writing on my walls 🙂 So let me just show you a picture of what saying I did not want to cover up and move on with the how to’s.

The first thing to do is measure your bed side to side and buy 2 of the appropriate lengths of curtain rod that will span the width. Using a level (either hand held or laser) , mark the line straight up on the wall and secure the first rod. The first sheer will hang straight down the wall behind the bed.

You are now ready to use your level to mark your ceiling. You are making sure that both curtain rods are lined up exactly parallel to each other and they are the same distance between the side walls. You will definitely want to double check this step before drilling! Who wants to patch holes? NOT ME!    *Side Note: I have a ceiling fan, and needed to factor in where I would be able to put my ceiling curtain rod. I put it as close as I could to the fan so that I had enough room to make my swag and yet the blades would not cause problems with the sheer.

As you can see by the picture above, you will hang the curtains on the ceiling rod. Taking one curtain, fabric, or sheer, you will tuck it over and behind the curtain rod that is mounted on the wall. Do this for each panel. I used two for a California King Bed.

Because I wanted to see the saying behind the sheer, I had to cut the overhead curtain to above it and of course we are able to see it clearly behind just one. The picture below is not the final one. I think Mr. Man may have it on his computer. At least this gives you the general gist of what it could look like for you.

Another view …

*Picture the second curtain higher so the saying is showing through! I will try to find a current picture or retake one.

Remember to have Joy in YOUR Journey!

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